Kate Middleton Wears a 'Mom Dress' for First Public Appearance Since Hospitalization (VIDEO)

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Kate MiddletonShe may not be very far along in her pregnancy, but after seeing Kate Middleton's green gown at her first public appearance since she got out of the hospital, it's obvious that impending motherhood is already affecting her style.

Kate wore the gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress to the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony in London, and as usual, all eyes were fixated on her as she took the stage to present two of the night's awards.

Take a look at this video clip to get a good glimpse of one of Kate's very first mommy-to-be outfits.

(Gorgeous!) But since she doesn't really have a visible baby bump yet, Kate didn't have to trade in her sleek dresses for maternity duds for the event. But it's hard not to notice how conservative this dress is, even with the slit showing off her leg.

This look is just so polished and demure, and the puffiness of the shoulders and sleeves really screams "mom," don't you think? It gives us a pretty good indication of what her maternity outfits are going to look like as her pregnancy progresses, but also makes us wonder whether she'll maintain a toned down style after her royal little one arrives.

Most women feel like there are certain things they probably shouldn't wear (like colored jeans) because they just don't quite fit with the "mom vibe," and something tells me that while Kate's fashion choices will always remain stunning, she'll definitely take her status as a mom into consideration before getting dressed in the morning. (And she'll probably look a lot more put together than most of us do.)

What do you think of Kate's gown? Do you think her style will change once she's a mom?


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early... earlybird11

she has woRN numerous SIMILIAR dresses..


in fact- its more of an oddity when she wears something without longer sleeves


jjand... jjandmilly

I think she looks great in the gown, as sick as she has been it is good to see her out in public. We have all been there, its early in your pregnancy and you feel 5x fatter than you actually are, your boobs are swollen and hurt like hell. Good for her for even getting out of bed, I know I didn't .

LiveL... LiveLearnEat

I'm not sure if he style will change, but I'm glad that she's feeling better! I hope that she loosens up on the dieting thing, she's been looking a bit frail since right before the wedding. And nothing's more important than a healthy mom and healthy baby, even a pretty dress :)

Nellie Athome

Mary Fischer needs to get a life

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