LeAnn Rimes' Racy Wardrobe Malfunction Is the Stuff Brandi Glanville Dreams Are Made Of (PHOTO)

leann rimes wardrobe malfunction
Oh, it gets worse
What the hell is going on? Never in my life have I seen so many wardrobe malfunctions in such a short amount of time. First there was Ellie Goulding. Then there was Isla Fisher. Then there was Anne Hathaway. And now there's LeAnn Rimes. And this is a big wardrobe malfunction we're talking here. This wasn't just a little bra showing; this was full-blown boob. Was she trying to give Brandi Glanville material?


The incident happened on Wednesday night at a NOH8 event in Hollywood. LeAnn was wearing a black satin jumpsuit type of thing with a super low plunging neckline, and when she leaned down ever-so-slightly to fix her shoe -- oopsie! -- her boob popped out.

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This is one of those wardrobe malfunctions that makes you go, "Hmmmm ..." I mean, Rimes was wearing an incredibly low-cut top to begin with. Seems like if she really didn't want to flash the world her ladyparts, she would have ensured all measures were taken -- i.e., she would have triple-checked that double-sided tape; worn a nude-colored cami underneath (okay, you're right, that would look heinous); maybe not bent over in front of a gaggle of photogs! Oh, you crazy Hollywood celebrities and your flashing of your private parts! What are we gonna do with you?

I've checked Brandi Glanville's Twitter -- and at the time of writing this, no comment so far. But I can't imagine Brandi won't have anything to say regarding LeAnn's totally preventable nip-slip. I mean, I would be disappointed if she didn't. This is basically LeAnn's Christmas gift to Brandi. Enjoy, girlfriend, enjoy.

Do you think LeAnn's wardrobe malfunction was on purpose?


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