Kristen Stewart's See-Through Bra & Big Girl Pants Make Jaws Drop Again (PHOTO)

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Kristen StewartUm, wow. Have you seen Kristen Stewart's bra-top and shorts (or is that a slip?) covered by a sheer piece of material ensemble at the On the Road premiere in New York City last night?

This has to be one of her most daring looks to date, and it's definitely one of her most revealing. (And she was in NYC, so she must have been freezing!)

Kristen has really been stepping out of the box lately when it comes to her fashion choices, and I've got a pretty good theory that explains her sudden burst of confidence.

It's because she's literally been on cloud nine ever since Robert Pattinson gave in and took her back. Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't noticed how much bolder her style choices have become ever since she and Rob kissed and made up and got back on the happily ever after path. 

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Remember that sheer, black jumpsuit she wore to the European premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2? It was sexy without being too sexy, and it was certainly a step up in the wow department from where her red carpet looks normally fall.

It's almost like she's on a total power trip and feels like she can do (and wear) anything now that Rob came crawling back and forgave her for cheating on him with Rupert Sanders. She obviously can't do any wrong in his eyes, so she might as well wear whatever the hell she pleases, right? (You go, girl!)

Although, it's a little hard not to wonder what Rob thinks of her new racy style. (Duh, you're probably right.) What dude wouldn't be on board with his girlfriend showing a little skin?

Why do you think of Kristen's new revealing style?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I don't think it has anything to do with Robert Patterson. These choices are usually made by a team effort, I imagine she just shows up and puts on what is given to her. And you write about it... which gives her all the attention she wants/needs. It keeps her relevant!

purvi... purvislets

Honestly, she looks like she belongs on a street corner in that outfit.  She needs to find a new stylist!  Normally I get her looks for the most part, but this one is awful.

Heather Yochum

WTF??!!!!!! There was an elementary school shooting today and you idiots are wanting to report stupid shit like this when there is more important things going on. WTF!??!!!!!!!!!!!!

psych... psychofab

Heather, have you gone to EVERY article that's been posted today to shame them? Or just the one you felt like reading before bashing. They're paid to write this stuff. 

nonmember avatar sarah


Ruby Sarmiento- Klawitter

At least she can pull it off, most people would look trashy, but it looks good on her =)

nonmember avatar Diana

No matter what Kristen wares she looks great shes a very pretty girl. I think shes awsome

nonmember avatar Md sultan

You are looking good kristen and so beautiful

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Heather yochum, you seriously come to the stir for real news? This is the gossip section you-fucking-moron!

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