Crystal Harris Flashes Engagement Ring From Hugh Hefner: Now We Get It (PHOTO)

crystal harris engagement ringIf you were at all curious about what exactly convinced her to give things another shot with Hugh Hefner, then Crystal Harris' massive engagement ring should clear things up a bit.

Everyone was shocked when Hugh announced he'd put a ring on it for the second time, and judging from the size of this thing, it's pretty obvious that he wanted to give Crystal a piece of bling that would get her to the altar this time around.


And while the main stone itself looks to be at least a few carats, the total weight of the ring must be up there, considering the entire band is studded with diamonds

She's obviously pretty content with her new rock, because Crystal lovingly called it, "my beautiful ring from Hugh Hefner."

Somehow I'm guessing if she's showing it off online, she probably wants to keep it. And if she's willingly stating that Hef gave her the ring, then she must have every intention of marrying him this time around, right? (You'd think so.)

Ugh. I'm really not trying to be mean or anything (really, I'm not), but why on earth would a stunning 26-year-old get engaged not once, but twice to a shriveled up old dude who is 60 years her senior for anything other than money, fame, or fancy jewelry and a fat mansion? (Or maybe she just feels sorry for him?)

But then again, it's not like anyone can really blame her for taking Hef up on his generous offer. After being presented with a ring like that, I'm not sure how she could refuse. On that note, I'm not really sure how anyone could. (Plus, he's a sweet old guy and she probably doesn't want to break his heart. At least she's getting a sweet ring out of the deal.)

What do you think of Crystal's ring?


Image via Twitter

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