Kim Kardashian's Leather Skirt & Sports Bra? Oof, Not Cute (PHOTO)

kim kardashianI honestly don't know what the majority feeling on peplum is, but personally, I'm not a fan. The only person I feel can get away with this '80s-esque trend is Kate Middleton. And not just because Kate Middleton is tall and thin and can get away with anything, but because there's something sort of, I don't know, royal-looking about a structured ruffle-type thing protruding from the waist-area of a skirt or dress. Looks like a pillbox hat and nude stockings ought to be worn with it. Peplum on anyone else, I just don't get. So when Kim Kardashian was photographed wearing a leather peplum skirt, and a -- is that a sports bra? -- I thought: Bold.

Now, I have to be honest here. Not only am I not a huge fan of peplum, I'm also not a huge fan of leather skirts. Or sports bras. I mean, sports bras are cool for working out and all, but as part of an outfit -- what the what? So, this getup Kim put together was destined to be a fashion fail in my eyes no matter which way it was sliced.

I know the Sisters Kardashian are constantly on the cutting edge of style, but just because something is "in" doesn't mean they have to wear it. Kim should stick to what she looks good in -- body-con dresses; wide leg trousers; silk blouses -- pretty much everything. Everything except peplum skirts! She ought to leave that one out of her closet. In fact, most of us should. Unless our name is Kate Middleton.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's outfit? Thoughts on peplum?

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ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I don't love her skirt and sports bra deal but i love the peplum look! In fact i wore a peplum top and pencil skirt to work today and I keep getting so many compliments for the glamorous look. I feel so royal when i wear peplum! LOL I'm lame yes...embarrassed

curly... curlygirl31

Different top and the right size skirt it would look good.

Miche... MichelleNYC

maybe without that jelly roll in between the skirt and bra...

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