The Christmas Sock Bun: How to Do This Favorite Hairstyle With a Holiday Twist (VIDEO)

reindeer sock bunOh have I got a Christmas gift for you! You know the amazing sock bun hairstyle? The one that, if you're like me, you sport almost every day? Well, there's a Christmas version of it, and it's beyond adorable.

Stephanie over at Mama and Baby Love posted a picture of it on her Facebook page, and I fell in love at first sight. It basically uses that big perfect bun you've created as the base for a reindeer's face. You just add eyes, antlers, and, of course, a big red nose. It's adorable for kids and adults alike, and I love the thought of all of the people behind you smiling as you walk down the street spreading this holiday cheer.

Here's how to do it.


You'll need:

Two brown pipe cleaners
Googly eyes (or make your own paper eyes)
Bobby pins
A red pom pom ball

How to:

Start by making a basic sock bun.

After gluing the eyes on bobby pins, stick them in at the top of the bun.

Cut and twist pipe cleaners to resemble antlers. Insert antlers into bun toward the top also.

Finally, push the pom pom ball into the middle of the bun. You may need to use a bobby pin to get it to stay there. Gluing it on first works well too.

And viola -- instant holiday cheer!

Here's a step-by-step video in which a mom does it on her daughter's hair, if you're more of a visual person.

I will say that I tried it on myself tonight, and while it turned out OK, it would be much easier if I had a little help. Mostly just to get everything in there straight and tight (and to take pictures of the back of my head!). Mine was a little sloppy. Plus I tried to get all fancy and buy a flashing red ball instead of the pom pom, and that just weighed things down a bit too much. So definitely go with the puff. 

But overall, this is a quick and easy way to add a little bit of fun to your look this holiday season for either you or your daughter -- or both. You'll likely hear a lot of humming and singing as you pass people and go about your day. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ...

Do you love this reindeer sock bun?


Image via Mama and Baby Love

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