Shopping for Pretty Heels That Don't Kill My Feet Is Giving Me a Heart Attack

black heelsI've said it before and I'll say it again, I really, really loathe high heels. And it's not because I don't like the way they look, because I think they make your legs look absolutely amazeballs. Nope, I hate heels simply because for the life of me, I just can't seem to find a pair that is not only stylish and trendy yet comfortable -- and wearable.

No joke, every single time I think I've picked up the perfect pair, I wear them for about an hour, and then my feet wind up looking like a couple of baked potatoes complete with several lumps and wrinkly skin. Heels just don't fit my feet, plain and simple.

So for the most part, I stick to flats -- and that's why I'm in a real pickle right now.


You see, one of my oldest and dearest friends is getting married on New Year's Eve (Woo-hoo! Party time!) and I'm one of her bridesmaids.

She's made it really easy on all of her attendants by telling us that whatever black shoe we want to wear is perfectly fine, so I guess I could go with flats if I really wanted to. (Or possibly even my Zumba sneaks.)

But considering how puhr-ty the dress is, I want a sexy pair of heels to go with it.

 bridesmaid dress


Isn't it adorable? And won't flats look ridiculous with it? (Yeah, that's what I thought.)

For weeks now, I've been desperately searching for the perfect pair of black heels, and honestly, it seems like every pair I try on is worse than the last. Either they pinch my toes, slip in the heels, give me foot cramps the minute I try to take a step, or just flat-out make my poor tootsies ache. And considering I only have 19 days left to find a suitable pair AND we have Christmas coming up, which will knock out a potential shopping day or two, I'm really starting to think I'm screwed.

Everywhere I turn, there are women walking around in stilettos looking perfectly content with no sign of foot issues, so why am I having such a hard time? For crying out loud, just this morning I saw a picture of Reese Witherspoon out shopping in crazy heels and thought to myself, "Who shops in high heels? Aren't her feet killing her?"

Apparently not, and apparently I have some sort of serious heel-aversion that doesn't affect the millions of other women on the planet.

I'm not sure what to do, and I'm running out of time, and I really, really don't want to resort to wearing flats at that wedding. I wanna be the belle of the ball. (Ok, I'm kidding. That's the bride's title.)

Do you have any tricks for making heels comfortable? Is there a good pair of basic black ones that you could recommend?


Images via Maegen/Flickr; Nordstrom

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