Anne Hathaway 'Devastated' by Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction & She Has a Good Excuse (VIDEO)

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anne hathaway wardrobe malfunctionPoor Anne Hathaway. Her wardrobe malfunction was all over the Internets yesterday, and for once, I don't think this was deliberate. Usually these slips "happen" to shameless attention seekers who haven't been in the press lately. But as we all know, Anne's got more class than that. And anyway, she's already making headlines for her phenomenal role in Les Miserables. This kind of press she doesn't need.

Hathaway says the wardrobe malfunction was "devastating." And she's comparing the photographs to her Les Mis character being forced to sell her sex to support her child! I can see that. But still ... why wasn't she wearing any underwear?

Anne says the dress she was wearing that night was really tight, and she didn't realize she was revealing so much when she tried to get out of the car. She told Matt Lauer this morning on Today,

It was obviously an unfortunate incident [and] it kind of made me sad that we live in an age when someone takes a pic of you in a vulnerable moment and sells it rather than deletes it ... I'm sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies unwilling participants ... It makes me think about the character I play in Les Mis, actually. She is someone who is forced to sell sex to benefit her child, so let's get back to Les Mis.

What she means by "commodifies unwilling participants" is that the celeb industry makes money off of people like her often without their cooperation or consent.

But back to the underwear, or lack thereof. First of all, in this day and age, a lady doesn't have to wear underwear if she doesn't want to. Let's grant her that at least. But I also think this was probably just the most practical way for her to avoid panty lines in such a tight dress. I mean, let's look at the options.

1. Thong: Uncomfortable wedgie, and anyway they actually do leave lines, just in different places.

2. Shapewear: A life-saver for many, and not just because they squeeze you skinny. They also help you avoid panty lines. But I doubt they make any in Anne's size. Just saying. No point putting Spanx on that skinny butt.

3. Seamless undies: I've got a pair of these and they're not bad. They're good enough for us regular folks, anyway. But I don't know if they'd hold up against the harsh, unforgiving paparazzi flashbulbs.

What else is there? Skip the undies and just fly commando. Really, any female celeb is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. You can get mocked for underwear lines, too. So she took a gamble. I'm sure a lot of celebs go undie-less all the time, and usually they get away with it. I'm just sad that the most recent person to NOT get away with it was someone who actually wants to keep her lady parts private.

How do you avoid panty lines?


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Flori... Floridamom96

I'd rather get mocked for the lines than exposed in the way she was. While she made a poor decision, I am sorry she was exploited.

Megan Lee

If I was making the kind of money she is and living her lifestyle, I think I'd be able to find a comfortable pair of undies to go with my tight dress.
She is, however, correct in what she says.
It's really unfortunate that because of what she does for work people don't see her as a real person with family, friends and a life of her own, they only see a rich actress flashing her coocah.

abra819 abra819

I'd wear some big ol granny panties before I let my giney slip!

Megan... MeganJune03

I have never gone commando. But also when I wear a dress or skirt (getting into a vehicle) I sit my bottom in the chair, with both legs still outside of the car and swing them in while keeping them together and same goes for getting out of a vehicle. I thought that was common sense....

Steph Schorfheide Carton

I agree with MeganJune03. When I'm wearing a dress/skirt I keep my knees together and put both feet in/out of the car at the same time. I don't have a panty line issue b/c I like full skirts but those have the unfortunate wind picks up, flips the skirt into your face snafus attached to them (happened once at the post office-poor kid in the car next to me got an eyeful)

psych... psychofab

Yes. I bet there was never a single time any one of you spread your legs to get out of a car lol. I dont know. I've not worn underwear before. I've bought two dresses that I just knew would be fine with flesh colored underwear or "no line" kind, but then they werent. Tried on every pair of underwear I had and every one OBVIOUSLY showed through. 

DebaLa DebaLa

Ho hum. Guess she didn't learn from her '04 'School of Rock' premiere... see thru top, no bra debacle... claiming to be unaware, so I'm not sure I'm buying it this time. 

Also, it's not clear: is she more upset about not receiving a royalty on the profits, or the 'wardrobe malfunction?'  (he said she hiked it up to the slit so she could get in and out of the car 'cause the dress is so tight.) I'm not sure what else she expected.

Austin Keenan

I'm extra careful getting out of a vehicle in a tight or short dress even if I'm not commando and even though there's no paparazzi around!     My initial thought was that she just accidently made a bad move but looking at the pictures it doesn't look like she's taking very much care if any to prevent it.      

Tammatha Brown

How can they call this a wardrobe malfunction? The only malfunction was her bad decision. She really should know better, so many female celebrities have been caught with their crotches exposed. These days there are countless ways to avoid panti lines. 

valen... valentina408

so it was her BODY, not something crude or disgusting.  Geeze, ALL WOMEN HAVE THE SAME THING!!!!  Nothing different.  American's are toooooooo hung up about nudity.  One doesn't even need to see the photo to know what it looks like, just like the rest of us.  People waste time with such silly things when there are so many other things they could be using their brains for.

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