Megan Fox Was Horrified by the Thought of Giving Birth With Wet Hair

megan foxI've never been a fan of Megan Fox. It's not that I was a hater because I'm ... ahem ... not as young as Megan and it's really cliche to hate on hot 20-somethings that look like Megan "Ima" Fox. I'm just not into those Transformers movies, though she was fantastically annoying in Friends With Kids. But something was revealed to me that is making me love her. Well, it's making me feel like we are totally on the same exact wavelength when it comes to our hair. And I don't mean the top knot she's sporting in this photo, though I'm totally a fan of that (best mom style ever!).

What makes me love this hot mama is the fact that a pregnant and contracting Megan, despite her "orange alert level" pain, had to blow dry her hair before she went to the hospital.

Advertisement reported Megan saying:

I had wet hair so I was trying to blow dry my hair before I went to the hospital. I didn't want to go to the hospital with wet hair!

Girl, do I totally understand that. Readers may be familiar with my revelation that I didn't get why any woman would walk around with wet hair ... before I started doing it myself, of course. It turned out to be quite the lively topic. And why wouldn't Fox want to look as foxy as possible when you know you're going to document the event with photos you'll forever look at. No one needs to remember the moment you entered motherhood and think, Sheesh! What's with that cowlick? Couldn't I have done my hair? Surely Megs didn't want to see those pictures years from now and think, Wow, this is where it began. The moment I stopped caring about how I look was the day I became a mom. I'm half-kidding. Sort of. But this is the kind of stuff that gives motherhood a bad name.

Good for Megan for wanting to look her best. Maybe looking her best makes her feel the best, the most confident, ready for anything. She was about to give birth -- confidence was needed, she needed to be ready for anything. And that she was.

Do you think it's odd that Megan didn't want to leave the house with wet hair ... even if it was to give birth?


Image via Splash

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