Anne Hathaway Has Shocking Wardrobe Malfunction in '50 Shades of Grey'-Style Dress

anne hathaway bondage inspired outfit les miserablesWell, now that even critically-acclaimed actress and Oscar darling Anne Hathaway is doing more than flirting with BDSM-inspired style, it's clear that everyone's jumping on the Fifty Shades of Grey fashion bandwagon. The Les Miserables star showed up at the NYC premiere for the flick last night wearing a Tom Ford black taffeta cape dress with a high thigh slit to show off a pair of knee-high bondage boots Christian Grey's ex-flame and dominant Elena Lincoln would probably adore.

But the question is whether fans and fashion critics alike liked it -- especially after the outfit lead to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. And we're talking a Britney Spears-level fashion faux pas. Aggghh!


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As she got out of her limo in the high-slit gown, she bared her hoo-ha for all the paparazzi and, in turn, the world, to see. Crazy, right?! Despite being heads and shoulders above silly starlets like BritBrit and LiLo who made flashing everyone in sight their hobby, Anne somehow forgot that underwear may be a wise choice in this outfit. (Maybe that Les Mis starvation diet affected her brain?) How unfortunate ...

But peep show aside, I give Anne props for taking a stab at a whole new risque style. And the fact that she -- or okay, probably her stylist Rachel Zoe -- brought it to the Les Mis premiere makes it official. Like it or not, WWD wasn't fibbing: Fifty Shades of Grey has made an impression on the fashion world. Whether it makes you more susceptible for wardrobe malfunctions or not, bondage-inspired style -- especially raunchy legwear, dominatrix-style hosiery, chains, studs, and metal beads -- is a bonafide hit.

What do you think about Anne's outfit and wardrobe malfunction? Would you wear a bondage-inspired outfit like this?

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