It's Obvious Why Jennifer Lopez Is Wearing Brown-Stained Pants (PHOTO)

jennifer lopezI don't always agree with her outfit choices, but Jennifer Lopez manages to always look gorgeous and put-together. There's never a hair out of place on her; her skin is always glowing; and she constantly looks red-carpet ready. Except for recently when the star showed up in an all-white outfit that had ... mysterious brown stains all over the front of the pants.

I think we all know what happened here ...


She pooped her pants. Just kidding. The stains are in the front, but I know that's what you thought I was going to say. No, I think her kids probably spilled something on her at the last second and she didn't even realize it. Something I've realized now that I have a child -- y'can't wear all-white for an extended period of time around your kids. Or any light color. Or basically anything nice! If you're going for a night out, it's best to just wait until right before you leave the house to change into what you're wearing -- or be prepared to be spit-up or spilled on. I speak from experience here.

As rich as JLo is, and as many people she probably employs to help keep her looking JLo-ish -- they're no match for kids. Especially twins. Sorry.

So take this as a lesson, Lopez. If you're with your kids, wait until right before you leave the house to change into your red carpet attire. And, of course, don't poop your pants.

Do you wait until before you leave the house to change into your clothing?


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