Leggings for Guys & 6 Other Trends We Wish Men Would Give Up for Good

meggingsAs far as I'm concerned, there is only one place a man should wear tights. If you are not performing in The Nutcracker or some other ballet, there is no good reason to slip them on. So I can't understand why in the world meggings (a male version of leggings) are so huge in men's fashion right now. They are being sold worldwide in stores like Uniqlo, Barney's, and Nordstrom -- and it's not just Lenny Kravitz wannabes that are sporting them.

Sadly, meggings aren't the only awful, ugly, and outdated looks our guys are sporting these days. Take a look at six other beauty and style trends no man should ever try again.

What other trends do you think men should ditch?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

i didn't click through the whole slideshow - i miss single page articles. :(

that said, i really wish guys would stop wearing skinny jeans / legging (or "meggings" as it said - but that sounds stupid lol). to me personally, men aren't meant to be wearing pants like that unless they're mick jagger. and even then, only pre-1990 mick jagger.

CaliG... CaliGirl925

YES! Totally agree w/all of these! Thank God my husband sports none of them! I would also like to add- "guyliner" & overly flat ironed hair.

nonmember avatar Tom

What a silly column. Silly examples lead to a silly conclusion. It's just as easy to come up with shocking styles for women. Or maybe I'm missing the point. Is it your point that men should all look like cloned worker drones? Say, Soviet-era factory garb? Complete with squared jaw and beetle-brows? God forbid that a man should dabble with cosmetics and hosiery.

nonmember avatar Adam

Leggings for Guys & 6 Other Trends We Wish Men Would Give Up for Good? Who's 'We'? Are you speaking for everyone or is this just your optinion? I'm gathering it's the later. I really don't see what the big deal is with guys wanting to wear what ever they want, girls have been doing it for a long time. If people are comfortable with themselves and what they wear then more power to them but if you you don't like what someone else is wearing, keep it to yourself. I'm sure most guys could care less what you opinionists think. They're not out there dressing for you or your approval. I think it's high time this male clothing oppression is brought to an end.

nonmember avatar Mrs Hat

What an incredibly insensitive article. Everything said here is totally biased and your opinions on how exactly the opposite sex should look are repressive and frankly uncalled for in this day and age. Please try and remember it's the 21st century wherein men an women are supposed to be considered equal, this includes potential sexuality AND how people can dress. Personally I think the guy in leggings in the picture you've chosen looks great, and that a man should be equally as concerned about his hair as a woman seen as these days both sexes get judged by the other equally as much.
I reiterate, please keep your outdated and bigoted opinions to yourself.

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