Leggings for Guys & 6 Other Trends We Wish Men Would Give Up for Good

meggingsAs far as I'm concerned, there is only one place a man should wear tights. If you are not performing in The Nutcracker or some other ballet, there is no good reason to slip them on. So I can't understand why in the world meggings (a male version of leggings) are so huge in men's fashion right now. They are being sold worldwide in stores like Uniqlo, Barney's, and Nordstrom -- and it's not just Lenny Kravitz wannabes that are sporting them.

Sadly, meggings aren't the only awful, ugly, and outdated looks our guys are sporting these days. Take a look at six other beauty and style trends no man should ever try again.

What other trends do you think men should ditch?


Image via asos.com


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