Proof Beyonce’s Top Knot Is a Perfect Hairstyle for Moms (PHOTOS)

BeyonceI clearly haven't been paying enough attention to the hairstyle fads out there to know that the top knot is a thing that all the gorgeous celebrities are sporting. Kim Kardashian wears it well and here's Beyonce walking through the airport looking flawless on her way to Art Basel Miami. Let's not discuss that floral romper just yet -- we're talking about hair here.

I know there is a specific way to do the top knot -- just five easy steps! -- but I've been doing the top knot for a long time. In fact, I may have been doing it every night before I wash my face for as long as I can remember. It was never something that saw the light of day until ...


... I became a mom and needed to get my mop out of the way. Then I became the woman who left the house with her hair wet (gasp!), and the top knot was the perfect way to prevent the drips and to twist and set my hair so it dried with mermaid-like waves.

The top knot was a solution. A temporary fix. Like a road on the way to an actual destination. Not a style. But I have to say, it looks damn good. It takes your hair totally out of the way -- no kids can get all grabby with it. You can even drive in the car without it annoyingly hitting the back of the seat because all the bulk is at the tippy tippy top. Heck, you can even sleep in it and wake up without tangles and maybe even some bedhead waves if you twist the hair before you top knot it. Which I believe is recommended anyway.

Look! Here I am with my top knot.

My top knot and my top guy.

So the hairdo I used to save only for my face washing routine has hit the red carpets. The Kardashians do it. Beyonce rocks it with those killer bangs and I'll even forgive her for the floral romper ... because really, she looks good in everything.

What do you think of the top knot?

Image via Splash; Michele Zipp

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