Miley Cyrus Wears Breast-Baring 'Stripper' Top & Exactly No One Is Surprised (PHOTO)

Miley CyrusSigh. She's done it again. (Showing up in public half naked, that is.) Miley Cyrus wore a cleavage-baring bra-like top, which she was literally spilling out of, for her performance in the "Christmas Creampies" concert in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

Paired with a skin tight pair of black pants and an S&M chain -- Miley basically resembled an erotic dancer, which I'm guessing was intentional since she was joined on stage by a topless stripper who worked the pole while she sang. (Yes, I said topless, as in, well -- topless.)


And while her goal in wearing this particular ensemble was probably to gauge a decent shock reaction from the crowd, it's obvious that Miley failed miserably. 

Because there are only so many times you can turn up wearing something raunchy before people stop being surprised or even turned off by it.

Seriously, when you first saw Miley's get-up, what was your reaction? Let me guess -- you simply rolled your eyes and made a "gag me" type comment, right?

Sure, when Miley first started venturing down the half-naked path a while back, most of us were shocked and appalled, and wondered what in the heck a successful young girl was thinking by degrading herself in minuscule outfits.

But at this point, since she's a notorious repeat offender, it's kind of hard to do anything other than comment on the fact that she only makes herself look more and more ridiculous as her style gets skimpier and skimpier.

If Miley really wanted to throw people for a loop, she ought to go raid Taylor Swift's closet and come out on stage looking all demure and innocent, without the slightest hint of sex appeal. (Not that Taylor isn't attractive -- she just does things in a tasteful way.)

Can you even imagine the look on people's faces if Miley were to put some clothes on for a change? Fans wouldn't know whether to stand up and give her a round of thunderous applause or accuse her of being an impersonator.

Why do you think Miley feels the need to resort to wearing such revealing outfits?


Image via Paul A. Hebert/Getty

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