Anderson Cooper Rarely Washes His Jeans & We Should Follow Suit

jeansAmerica's sweetheart Anderson Cooper likes his jeans dirty. The CNN host told fashion expert Stacy London that his off-camera wardrobe is very simple and consists of a basic t-shirt and the same pair of jeans. No, but seriously, the same pair of jeans, every day. He explained that he only washes his denim four times a year, and to do so, he wears them in the shower.

Now before you assert that our dear Andy has done lost his mind, I will tell you, from first hand experience, that he is on to something.

To keep the integrity of the denim, many brands, especially Levi's, recommend holding off on washing them for as long as possible. The fabric will conform to fit your figure, they'll stay the right color, and they'll feel great -- washing them only strips your jeans of their natural abilities.

Mind you, we're talking about jeans without stretch in them here. Anything that has spandex or elastic in them is off the table. (I have plenty of jeans with stretch and find that washing them often is beneficial.)

Anderson's habit of showering in his jeans to give them a rinse is right in line with what Levi's recommends. They tell customers to live in their jeans as long as possible, then take a bath in them. I've witnessed a friend of mine sitting in his jeans in a tub, so yes, people actually do this. And it pays off -- the jeans stay looking great.

So don't listen to Stacy. She may know what not to wear (hehe), but it sounds like she's got a little to learn about the not-washing-of-the-jeans.

Oh, and pro tip: If you feel like your unwashed jeans are starting to get a little smelly, go ahead and stick them in your freezer. The frigid air kills the rank bacteria.

How often do you wash your jeans?


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Liane... Lianetherider

I wash my jeans once or twice a week, but also alternate between three different pairs. I can't imagine wearing them for that long... thank goodness mine are stretchy to fit my fat ass, so washing is "allowed" lol.

the4m... the4mutts

I only put my jeans in the washer if they get actual dirt on them. Other than that, I rinse them and let them hang to dry.

The freezer thing? Never heard of it, but I am soooo trying it!

Maevelyn Maevelyn

where does one buy nonstreatch denim?

dirti... dirtiekittie

i wash my jeans maybe once a week to once every two weeks. i do the rinse method, and i've heard of the freezer method, although i haven't tried it myself. and yes, it does make the jeans last longer! i actually read an article a couple of years ago about a kid who went without washing his jeans for a year - he did the rinse and freezer techniques. his jeans looked fantastic... but he admitted he had slightly fewer friends. lol

lasombrs lasombrs

i wash mine when the baby gets them super dirty and its noticeable

Vegeta Vegeta

I get my jeans for 3$ at savers so I wash them every time I wear them. If they fall apart, whatever.

rhps2000 rhps2000

Wow. I thought he was having a Howard Hughes moment. This sounds gross.

Stephanie Aguilar

You can only do this with top notch real denim jeans where they actually tell you not to wash them for a couple of months until you are ready to make permanent markings on them (Nudies, Raw Denim)......not really baffling news.....

AdryF AdryF

I wear the kind with elastic, so I wash mine often. However, I have heard of this before.

expat... expatalfa

Now if those jeans were white, you would be disgusted. Think about it.

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