Singer's Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction Is a Reminder for Ladies to Wear Slips (PHOTO)


ellie gouldingAwk-ward. Singer Ellie Goulding attended the premiere of Les Miserables in London on Wednesday, and, unsurprisingly, she looked gorgeous. Goulding was wearing an insanely beautiful, long-sleeved, white vintage-looking gown with sheer sleeves. The look was flawless. Eeee-- almost flawless. The "Lights" singer inadvertently wound up flashing the world her ladyparts when the paparazzi started flashing at her.

Ladies, let this be a reminder: Don't forget to put on a slip -- or something -- when you're wearing white. That is, unless you like people looking at your nipples. If that's the case, please, by all means.

Whether you've accepted it or not, fact is, we live in a picture-takin', DSLR camera-loving world right now. Odds are, if you're dressed up and out on the town, your photo's going to be taken. Annoying? Yes. But think of it this way: You're like a celeb! So be mindful of what's underneath your clothing. Sheer is always sexy in my book. But how will it look on camera? I know, it's definitely a pain that we have to ask ourselves that, but think of the alternative.

Also, here's a little tip: If you aren't someone who feels comfortable walking around in sheer or thin tops -- but are someone who likes sheer or thin tops -- try getting them lined in nude, or in the color the shirt is. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to wear underneath something that's see-through -- tank tops and camis don't always look right -- so think about having them lined. Yeah, it'll cost you a little money, but you'll probably get a lot more use out of the shirt.

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?


Image via Stuart Wilson/Getty

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Jack Kasaback

Isn't it the point of posing for photos bringing attention to oneself? i would have been surprised if she wasn't aware of the possible "wardrobe malfunction". furthermore, while i agree that your conclusion and advice to the general female population is admirable in this instance, as spokesman for today's man (...well, actually since caveman), please continue posting this type of commentary....with attendant photo. ;)

nonmember avatar A Guy

She is gorgeous and likely knew what she was doing.

If you remember back to the early days of (just) Cher, numerous photos of her sheer clothing revealed over the course of a year or so, according to one weekly magazine, "unique and changing (shaving) patterns".

By the time celebs get to the red carpet, they know what they are doing.

curly... curlygirl31

She knows that its see through.Thats the style now to show your nips all over the place

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