Emma Stone's an Expert at Concealing Bad Acne -- Now You Can Be, Too! (VIDEO)

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emma stoneI would have never guessed that Emma Stone struggles with acne. The gorgeous 24-year-old actress recently revealed that she had bad hormonal acne as a teenager, then, in her 20s, struggled with stress and cystic acne. It was so noticeable, in fact, that her skin had to be video-airbrushed in the movie Easy A. Who knew, right?

Emma's skin has always looked clear and dewy to me. Her fair complexion and cute freckles have not only seemed blemish-free, but downright perfect, which is to say, girl knows how to cover up her zits before hitting the red carpet.

Want to fake having flawless skin like Emma? Follow these 5 simple steps.

To conceal acne:

  • Use a creamy concealer. They're full coverage and don't dry out your skin.
  • Take a tiny amount of it, one shade lighter than your actual color, and use a fine brush to apply it to the pimple, because you only want to cover the acne itself.
  • Use your finger to gently pat it.
  • Set with a powder, again, one shade lighter.
  • If that still doesn't cover it, try using a green concealer, like one from Makeup Forever, and follow the steps above.


Do you have any of your own acne covering tricks?


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Jackie Moody

Personally I try to find concealers that match my foundation, otherwise I'm highlighting the blemish. Also using liquid advil, puncturing the capsule and putting a dab on a raised red blemish, will help the swelling go down.

nonmember avatar NothingCreative

My complexion is fairly rosy, so even a foundation and concealer that matches my skin tone stands out. Lately I've been applying foundation to the area around the spot, concealer to the spot itself, and blending. Then, I put a light coat of blush on top of that, and voila! Looks nice, if I say so myself. :)

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