6 Beauty Secrets That Will Change Your Life

putting on mascaraEver since I was old enough to read Seventeen magazine, I've been obsessed with beauty tips. Little insider secrets I could adopt into my everyday routine that would make things indescribably easier (and, of course, make me pretty). I believe the first tip I implemented into my life (circa 1992?) was using empty Coke cans as rollers and following it up with blast of hot air from the dryer to "add sexy volume." It worked, but that tip was quickly culled from my list once I realized no human can possibly drink that much soda, and aluminum + heat = hair that's not super healthy. Nevertheless, my hoarding of secrets forged on, and if I do say so myself, I've racked up a nice little list.

If you're interested, here are 6 beauty tips from that list. They just might change your life.


Pull your eyelid up with one hand, while applying mascara with the other. This may be something some of you automatically do, but for me, this wasn't always the case. It's a simple thing to do while applying mascara, and it makes a huge difference. You can really get to the base of your lashes this way.

Mist your face with water after applying makeup. Put some water in a spray bottle, or buy a little Evian mister, and spritz after you've applied everything. Your mascara, your powder, your lip gloss -- everything. It sort of "sets" your makeup. You know how when you look in the mirror for the first time in a while, and your makeup is the opposite of fresh-looking? I kind of feel like this puts that off a bit.

Airborne and Emergen-C packets are your skin's best friend. I always take Airborne or Emergen-C before flying, and on one occasion, I noticed that my skin always looks really clear around pre-traveling. I put two and two together, did a little experiment, and yep, turns out vitamins really do affect your skin. Start taking some a few days beforehand if you have an occasion you want to look extra-gorg for.

If your skin is oily, and you don't have oil blotting papers, use toilet seat covers. Try it. It's essentially the same thing.

Always put lotion on your toes after getting a pedicure. If you apply moisturizer after getting out of the shower, run your lotiony hands over your freshly painted toes. The grease will act as a barrier, making chipping and fading harder.

Heat + lip plumpers = Angelina Jolie lips. I don't know where I read this -- online somewhere, I'm sure. But if you have some sort of lip plumping gloss, and you apply light heat from your dryer to your lips after you've applied, it amplifies the effect times a million. I haven't used this trick in a while, as, well, it is a little odd, and I have no clue where my lip plumper is -- but trust me, it works.

What beauty tips do you have?


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