9 Celebrities Who Dared to Go Gray (PHOTOS)

nicole kidmanActress Lisa Bonet recently shaved one side of her head, showing off her roots of gray on one side and long dreads on the other. Bonet has always been bold with her beauty and fashion choices and I love her for that. So you have gray hair? I say flaunt it -- it doesn't mean you've given up. No one can say Nicole Kidman has given up. 

When men go gray, they are called distinguished, sexy even (proof of gray-haired male hotties here), and it shouldn't be any different for women. Check out other beautiful celebrity women who went gray and never lost a strand of fabulousness.


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  • Helen Mirren


    Sixty-seven-year-old beauty Helen Mirren defies her age, even with gray.

  • Joan Baez


    Folk singer and activist Joan Baez not only looks amazing with her gray pixie cut, but take a look at her awesome arms!

  • Emmylou Harris


    Country singer Emmylou Harris has an angelic voice and it seems the only thing that has aged on her over the years is her hair. And by that, I only mean it went from brown to gray -- she's absolutely gorgeous. Have you ever heard her sing with Ryan Adams on "Oh My Sweet Carolina"? It's one of my favorite songs ever.

  • Ellen Burstyn


    Ellen Burstyn turns 80 this year. Yes, 80. And just because Ellen has silver locks, that doesn't mean she let herself go -- it's just the opposite. This is real beauty we're looking at, and an incredible actress as well.

  • Sally Field


    Sally Field sometimes lets just strands of her gray show, and sometimes she colors it and there is no sign of silver. But she always looks beautiful. See how great variety is?

  • Diane Keaton


    In her signature hat, Diane Keaton cannot hide the sassy grays peeking out ... and she shouldn't have to.

  • Stacy London


    Look at Stacy London. She's a fashion expert, co-hosts the show What Not to Wear. She knows what's up. Some gray streaks ... they look cool.

  • Carmen Dell'Orefice


    Carmen Dell'Orefice got her start modeling at 15 and she's still going strong as the oldest model in the business. Older, gray, gorgeous -- at 81.

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