Olsen Twins' $55,000 Backpack Comes Complete With Prescription Pills

olsen twinThe Olsen twins used to celebrate Christmas by starring in instant holiday classics such as To Grandmother's House We Go. Now, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are all grown up and are commemorating this seasonal time of giving with a backpack. No, not a backpack full of toys for underprivileged kids; MK and A have designed (along with artist Damien Hirst for their line, The Row) a $55,000 backpack made of black, patent crocodile leather and colorful buttons made to look like prescription pills.

LOLOLOLOL, those twins and their ridiculously priced knapsacks! I swear.

Because, as you'll remember, this isn't their first backpack design that costs as much as, like, three cars. In the summer of 2011, the girls debuted one that retailed for $39,000.

Clearly, now that the economy's "recovering", they needed to step up their game. It's a nod to the times, really -- the black crocodile leather is a snap at societal standards of ethics, the pills pay homage to our rampant self-medicating habits, and the gold clasp really highlights the bourgeoisie's high-society aspirations.

That, or it's just a fucking expensive purse that may or may not glamorize drug use.

Alas, even if you wanted to, you probably couldn't get your hands on one. They're only releasing 12 (on the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a $55,000 Row backpack?), and odds are only the fashion elite will be gifted such a rare and luxurious bag.

Lucky them?

What do you think of this backpack?

Photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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doodledo doodledo

Ugly. I wouldn't even pay $55 for it. But I'm not a fan of backpacks in any case.

tiffa... tiffanydearing

that is the ugliest thing ever...... why?? just why? smh

expat... expatalfa

they're = they are





kisse... kisses5050

 seriously ugly... however, my youngling, who knows far more about fashion said " Yuck! maybe if they used some charms of iconic landmarks instead of pills it would be cute... but pills? gross... just gross. it is almost like a tacky give away to a doctor's office from a drug rep. tacky."

zombi... zombiemommy916

I don't care what it's made of and who it's by, $55 grand is ludicrous...and I drool over Vogue and Bazaar as often as I can...I will laugh my arse off if I see any celebrity or millionaire walking around with Xanax and Vicodin stuck on their backpack...insane!!!


Don't know which one of them it was, but she was close to Heath Ledger so I find this really insensitive on her part. Oh,yeah and it is butt ugly.

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