When Men Say They Prefer Women 'Without Makeup', They're Lying

miranda kerrVictoria's Secret model and mom Miranda Kerr doesn't need a stitch of makeup to look beautiful. She's arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world -- one of those women you can't help but stare at because her face, and all of its perfectly plump features, is almost confusing. I mean, who looks like that?

However, despite the fact that Miranda's face (and yes, matching ridiculous body) is otherworldly gorgeous, she still feels the need to always wear a little makeup for husband Orlando Bloom. She says it "keeps him happy." And I believe it. Because dudes who say they "love women without makeup" don't know what they're talking about.


I'm certainly not saying that the key component in making a marriage or relationship work is wearing makeup. That's ridiculous. And if it is, then ... weird. But I am saying that when guys wax poetic on how much they love ladies sans makeup (you know, like the chick in the Aveeno ad -- she's "naturally" beautiful), they're confused.

What they mean is: They like natural-looking makeup. I think it's unanimous that caked-on Kim Kardashian-style foundation and eyelashes are not a good everyday look. Kim's an undeniably beautiful woman, but I bet even the most red-blooded American male would be a little taken aback if he saw her in person. (She wears a lot.)

Of course there are many, many women in the world who look absolutely stunning without a stitch of makeup. They just wake up gorgeous. (And, hey, I bet Kim Kardashian is one of them!) But I don't think their husbands and boyfriends would complain if they swiped on a coat of mascara and glossed their lips with something really sheer.

In fact, if you asked them, they probably wouldn't even know they were wearing makeup at all.

Do you feel more beautiful without makeup?

Image via D Dipasupil/Getty

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