Taylor Swift's Weird Habit of Dressing Like Her Boyfriend Strikes Again

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Taylor SwiftSigh. I hate to admit it, but I'm really starting to think that Taylor Swift has a major issue with trying to alter her appearance to please whatever flavor of the month she happens to be dating at any given point in time.

And this month, that flavor happens to be One Direction member Harry Styles, who she's been having hotel sleepovers (gasp!) with in New York City this week.

After viewing this photo of her taken yesterday morning, it's pretty clear that one of two things is going on here. Either Taylor picked up Harry's clothes off the floor and threw them on before leaving her hotel, or she's purposely grabbing pieces from her own wardrobe that look a lot like Harry's in an effort to dress like him.

From the skinny pants to the over-sized jacket to the weird hat -- Taylor's outfit has "Harry Styles" written all over it.

(Seriously, honey -- what's with the beanie?)

It's almost like she's desperate to fit in with Harry's crowd or something to that effect, because her current choice of dress is a far cry from the Jackie O.-inspired pieces she was spotted wearing over the summer and early fall.

When she and Conor Kennedy were an item, it was blatantly obvious that she was going out of her way to dress like a member of the Kennedy clan -- almost like she was auditioning for the role of his future wife.

But now that she's all done with Conor and has moved on to a much more famous boy toy, those retro Kennedy duds apparently just won't do.

Ugh! For the life of me, I just don't understand why Taylor feels like she has to change who she is to impress the men in her life. She's such a cute girl, and she's always had a great sense of style without any outside influence, so why the sudden urge to literally try on new roles every time she hooks up with a new guy?

Maybe if she stuck to what works for her instead of trying to look like somebody she's not, she'd be more confident and have more luck in the lasting love department. After all, if you have to change your appearance to make a relationship work, odds are good it will eventually fail.

Why do you think Taylor keeps dressing for her men instead of herself?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Flori... Floridamom96

Ugh! Why do you feel like you have to comment on how Taylor Swift lives her life?

nonmember avatar Cee

This whole site (including you) is a comment on what somebody does in an aspect of their life..child rearing, politics, current events, style, entertainment and a few others. That is the purpose of blogs. If it annoys you so, you should seek straight foward news sites in the future.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

"Ugh, why do always write about what's happening in the world and about people who are in the news?!"

DUH FLORIDAMOM because that is her job!! Now try and resist showing up at your local news station asking the same thing!!

Autum... Autumnleaves87

IMO those are MAN PANTS!!

Theres even a "man bulge" there. She should give them back to Harry!

RMT1995 RMT1995

It's a sign of being unsure of who she is. I had countless friends growing up who would change who they thought they were to the person they thought they wanted their guy wanted them to be - changing taste in music, hair style and/or color, clothes, interests, etc. When she grows into who she is (which could be anywhere from a year to when she's in her 30s!) she'll stop changing to please her guy friends. Everyone experiments with who they are, fortunately not too many of us have to deal with the world seeing it.

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