Why I Won't Cut My Hair Short Just Because I'm a Mom

long hairNow that I have a 7-month-old daughter who likes to grab everything in sight (and then pull really hard!), I know why moms cut their hair. If I'm holding my daughter, and my hair is down -- yank! -- it's a fist full o' hair for the little lady. She's even gone in for a sneak attack swipe when my husband's holding her and I'm just walking by. The girl, like all babies, loves hair.

Actually, I now realize there are a million reasons moms cut their hair. In addition to it being an obvious preventative measure against bald spots, short hair is quicker to dry and style, and generally just easier.

But still. I'll never cut my hair.


I've had long hair my entire life. Until one day when I didn't. I had been toying over the idea of cutting my hair into one of those cute bobs that's longish in the front, shortish in the back for about two years. Every time I would leave for the salon, I'd say to my husband (then my boyfriend), "I might come back with short hair." (To which he'd say: "Do it!") Always, I'd come back with hair that was half an inch shorter. But eventually, after years of talking a big game, I grew a pair and chopped it off.

I liked it for about 45 minutes.

Ugh, the bob. It's an adorable haircut that looks good on so many women -- but I am not one of those women. And the maintenance of a bob, for me at least, was far more time consuming than my regular styleless below-the-shoulder hair. You see, you can't just wash and go with a bob. (Especially when you have bangs.) There are serums involved. Round brushes, and such. At the time, I wasn't cutting my hair as a means of a morning short-cut; I was cutting it because I was tired of looking at the same 'do for god knows how many years. But when I met myself in the bathroom mirror each morning, ends flipping out, bangs all frizzy, I cursed the stylist in my head for not warning me about the upkeep involved in an actual hairstyle.

But it wasn't just that. Like I said, a bob just wasn't "me." Sometimes, in my head, I like to pretend I'm a super sophisticated, put-together woman, who wears a watch and always looks like she's got a fresh blow-out. But in reality, I can usually be found in yoga pants with chipped nail polish on my toes. Long, stringy hair just seems to go with that lifestyle more.

So, no. I will not be cutting my hair now that I have a baby. I will brave hair tugs and finding dried spit-up in favor of the convenience a flowing mane brings.

But really, I just like the way I look better with long hair.

Did you cut your hair after having a baby?


Image via mikebaird/Flickr

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