Kate Middleton Hid Her Baby Bump With a Few Simple Style Tricks (PHOTOS)

Kate MiddletonWe've all been speculating about a royal baby being on the way for a few weeks, but now that Kate Middleton has announced her pregnancy and made things official -- we can't wait to start checking out her amazing maternity clothes!

Kate's pregnancy attire will no doubt be just as classy and perfect as her entire wardrobe has been up until this point, and it must be a relief for her now that the cat's out of the bag and she doesn't have to hide her growing belly any longer.

But when she was trying to conceal it, she did a pretty good job using simple style tricks that had mostly everyone fooled.

(Duh. We knew she had a bun in the oven all along.)

As it turns out, timing may have played a big factor in keeping her pregnancy a secret, because colder temperatures have allowed her to keep her changing body hidden under chic coats.

And in addition to wearing some very stylish outerwear, Kate has been seen carrying a clutch purse in front of her mid-section on more than one occasion.

Take a look at these photos to see more tricks Kate used to hide her bump -- hopefully we'll get a clear glimpse of it in the very near future!

Can you spot a baby bump on Kate in any of these pictures?


Image via Splash

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Sirena Robinson

Come on! She isn't even 12 weeks yet. She likely doesn't HAVE a bump. It's not like she concealed it for six months or something.

nonmember avatar My turn

Come on!! She's "early in the pregnancy". There's no bump to hide! She may be feeling self conscious about it or maybe she's holding her stomach because of the morning sickness. But she's not hiding anything.

nonmember avatar nicky

Seriously this article is reaching. I was flat as a pancake til 5 months. She's not even 3 months yet.

bills... billsfan1104

My idea of a "royal" getting pregnant was ruined when I watched "the other Bolyn girl". They were trying to have the King sire a son and they literally stood outside the bedroom while him the mistress did it. And the next morning they asked her if they had sex and so forth.

canuw... canuworktomorro

This pregnancy is one of the most talked about in the news, the press is just reaching for some way to mention her. And the reality is, most of us will probably follow her until she gives birth and then some!! We happen to post this article today.


nonmember avatar Joy

She's not even three months along, there's no "bump" to show. For a mom blog, you certainly aren't aware of the pregnancy basics!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

She's only a few weeks with her first. I'll be more interested when she's trying to hide the second until she's 12 weeks along.

nonmember avatar BC

I think it's her face that has filled out, not her tummy. But it is possible to show right away. It happened to me.

Flowe... FlowerMama100

Yea, I have to agree that the odds of her showing are minimal.  Besides, if she has the hyperemesis, she's vomiting and nauseous a lot, which means she probably isn't putting on much weight right now.

Flowe... FlowerMama100

Also, does anyone else hate the term "Baby Bump" as much as I do?


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