5 Beauty Treatments You Can Kiss Goodbye Once You Have Kids

beauty treatmentsMoms, I want you to think back for a moment. Way back. Back to before you had kids. Back to when weekends meant sleeping in. Back to when you could take 45 minutes to dry and style your hair -- just 'cause you felt like it. Seems like another life, doesn't it? Well, technically, it is. At least from a beauty stand-point. It isn't about you anymore -- and your glossing and your waxing and your straightening. No sirree. It's all about the kids. All the time.

Here are 5 beauty treatments that are probably nothing but a distant memory if you have kids. Moms-to-be, take note. And, hey, don't freak out. Kids>primping any day.


Taking a looong time to style your hair. Before I had my daughter, sometimes, when my husband and I were going out, I'd take my time getting ready. Do things leisurely. Especially when it came to my hair. I'd dry, then curl, then maybe even experiment with some half-up/half-down situation. Why not? Didn't have much else to do. Now? Hahahahaha! Now, it's tousle and go, or forgo the hairdryer altogether. Silver lining: My hair's never been healthier!

Manicures. Whether you DIY or go to the salon (ha), you can say bye to pretty colored fingies when you have a new baby. Unless you've got a solid chunk of time on your hands, odds are they're going to get smudged up. Also, if you have a teething baby who likes to put your fingers in her mouth (hi), you probably don't want her sucking on nail polish.

Long, luxurious showers. When my daughter was first born -- and when I knew she'd be asleep for a while -- showers were my thing. A self-proclaimed "shower-hater" before, I learned to look forward to a super long, relaxing shower each day. Not only because it was "me" time, but because I didn't have much else to do. When I went back to work, though, that all went out the window. Now my showers are lightening fast (if, um, at all), because if I'm not ready by the time my daughter wakes up, I leave the house looking like an insane person. Sorry, co-workers!

Monthly bikini waxes. Not to get all TMI here, but bikini waxes are expensive. And unless you're a Real Housewife, when you have a kid, getting them as frequently as you did in the past probably isn't the best use of your money. (Plus, razors aren't the worse thing in the world. [No, though, they're not as good as waxing.])

Any kind of frivolous beauty treatment. Okay, so all beauty treatments are kind of frivolous, but I'm talking about the really frivolous ones. I used to occasionally get my lashes dyed black (it really does look good!), and the thought of spending the money (around $35) or time (around 45 minutes) or so on something so ridiculous seems insane now. If I have the time, I'd rather be taking a nap.

What beauty treatments have you given up since having a kid(s)?


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