Lea Michele's Got Something Very Weird Happening on Her Chest (PHOTO)


lea micheleLea Michele gets zits on her chest, which is to say: Stars! They're just like us! The Glee actress attended The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle Miss Golden Globe 2013 party last night (whew -- that was a mouthful) and looked stunning in her champagne Valentino gown and swept up hairstyle. However, there was one minor faux pas. Nope, not a wardrobe malfunction nor a nip slip -- just some icky looking white concealer covering a pimple on a very tan chest.

Unfortunately for Lea (and her stylist), the devil's in the details. She may look absolutely gorgeous in this plunging dress with a thigh-high slit, but all I'm staring at is that damn glob of foundation right below her collarbone.

She probably would've been better off not trying to cover the zit at all, but hindsight's always 20/20.

This isn't the first time Lea's had a whoopsie-daisy moment in public. She accidentally flashed her crotch when she was celebrating her birthday back in August, she's been spotted without a bra earlier this spring (which I think is sexy, not trashy), and almost showed too much boobage on Letterman this summer.

Obviously and overall-ly, Lea's kept it classy on and off the red carpet. There have been a few hiccups here and there, but girl's only human.

Speaking of being human, we're going to go cover up our chest zits now with a spot concealer we bought at the drugstore specifically to match our collarbone skin tone. Worth every penny.

Have you ever used concealer on chest zits like Lea?


Photo via Splash News

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linzemae linzemae

yes i have used it to cover body acne but her makeup artist probably used that HD powder stuff that looks horrible if not photographed by an HD camera. 

tuffy... tuffymama

It's the silica or whatever powder they used to set or mattify the concealer. It's invisible in person but cameras play hell with it. She's gorgeous, either way.

Tina Goff

That's the problem with some makeup.  It looks great, then there is a camera flash and it looks a totally different color than what you think it is.

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