Katie Holmes Finally Looks Like Katie Holmes Again & It's Such a Relief (PHOTO)


Katie HolmesMost of us weren't sure if we'd ever see the glowing, stylish woman who somehow ceased to exist after splitting from Tom Cruise, but it appears as though Katie Holmes is finally back to her old self again! (But wait, is that Katie or Joey Potter? I'm not sure I can tell.)

This photo of Katie was taken on her way to the after-party for Dead Accounts, her new Broadway show, which opened last night. Whoa -- does she look amazing, or does she look AH-MAZING?

Let's start with the dress -- it's very chic and trendy and looks great on Katie's slim frame, but it's definitely not what stands out most about her overall look.

Um, it's pretty hard to ignore that Katie is basically exploding with confidence, because her pride is written all over her face. It's so obvious that she feels amazing in her own skin right now and is just so happy to be fulfilling her dreams after busting out of jail.

(Don't bother trying to deny it -- being married to Tom HAD to be similar to being in prison. For sure.)

It's amazing what a little bit of independence will do for a mom's self-esteem, not to mention her appearance. 

Right after she and Tom announced their divorce, Katie definitely appeared to fall into a bit of a fashion and beauty rut. She was often seen running around New York City in frumpy sweaters and jeans with her hair pulled back into a very messy ponytail and no makeup. It was almost like she just didn't care about how she looked anymore, probably because she wasn't quite sure what to do with herself after being trapped in Tom's clutches for so long.

But now that she's started her Dead Accounts gig, it's clear that Katie is ready to reclaim her status as a successful, independent woman who can do anything she puts her mind to.

(I can't wait to see her fashion ensembles from here on out!)

Do you have a tendency to put more effort into your style when your self-esteem is up?


Image via Splash

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nonmember avatar Dorothy

I get so bored with articles that are so one sided. Living with Tom C is not a jail. Read some of the many articles Katie participated in that lavished him and said how wonderful he is. They had some differences- mostly about Suri- and she decided to leave him. Let's keep the drama down please. Katie's responsible for some of the drama and she isn't bleameless.

nonmember avatar Holly

I don't know that she was suffering from low self-esteem, or just didn't care if anyone found her attractive or not. She was so focused on Suri, and likely so in the moment. She looks great no matter what. Maybe now she has healed and gotten her life straight, and has an interest in dating again. It took a while for me to want to date a guy after getting out of a controlling relationship.

nonmember avatar Judie7112

She absolutely beautiful, glowing and looks sooo happy. Good luck Katie, have a great life.....

nonmember avatar CJOHN

I think Katie definitely looks better now that she's using some makeup & doing something with her hair, but that dress certainly looks so matronly because it's such an unattractive style & boring print.If her clothing line is any indication of her taste in clothing, then she's going to continue to be boring. Just check out whats' left of her designs on Barney's website. Some of the worst designs are no longer appearing on Barney's site, but on EBAY, or some other such site - were so overpriced in the thousands!I wonder why none of her fall fashions are not yet appearing on Barney's site

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