Bristol Palin Wears Mini-Dress to 'DWTS' After-Party & Shows Everyone What a Hot Mom She Is (PHOTO)

Bristol PalinUm, I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere between the first and second time she appeared on Dancing With the Stars, Bristol Palin turned into one seriously hot mama.

It's almost as if she came out of her shell or something and realized that she looks pretty darn good for someone who had a baby not too long ago, and now she's not afraid to flaunt what she's got.

Bristol wore this sexy brown dress and matching belt to the Dancing With the Stars finale after-party last night -- and I highly doubt I'm the only mom out there who simply has to have this dress after seeing how flattering it looks on her.


It's simple. It's classy. It hugs her curves in all the right places. It shows off her amazing legs. And oh yeah, it reminds me of a yummy cup of hot chocolate or a mocha latte or something.

And I love the nude pumps she paired with this frock as opposed to going with the exact same color. They complement her look perfectly without taking away from the wow factor of the dress itself.

Yes ladies, I'm officially envious of Bristol Palin, and I've gotta have this dress, or at least something that closely resembles it. (Not that I really have anywhere to wear it.)

Does anyone know where I can find this thing so I can buy one, and if so, can you please invite me to some sort of party so I can have the chance to show it off?

Do you love this dress too, or am I overreacting a bit as far as how cute it is?


Image via Splash

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