Slapping Your Face to Get Rid of Wrinkles Is Latest Absurd Beauty Trend (VIDEO)

Wouldn't it be great if you could erase the signs of aging by, say, literally slapping wrinkles off your face? Who would believe you could actually do that? I mean, if that could be done, we'd all be doing it, right? But a San Francisco salon owner claims she CAN do it. And she's only (ahem) gonna charge you $350 for 15 minutes of face slapping. This "natural technique" of face slapping is supposed to shrink pores, improve circulation, and yes, dewrinkle you. And, at $350 a pop, certainly deflate your wallet.


'Tata' Wongsirodkul, the salon owner and face slapper, says she learned the technique in Thailand. But slapping the wrinkles off your old face isn't the only thing Tata can do -- she can also firm your butt by punching it, and slap your breasts into a bigger cup size. Tata claims you can add two inches to your boobs with one good breast slapping session! Slapping, she claims, builds up the muscle in the breasts. Or sumpthin' like that.

None of us should be shocked that doctors say there's zilcheroo scientific evidence that face slapping, butt punching, or boob hitting will do anything for you -- other than make you really sore.

I'm just going to go out on a ledge here and say this sounds like a load of hooey. If it sounds to good to be true -- and slapping your boobs to make them grow or your cheeks to make them forever-young certainly does -- then it usually is. Besides, I'm betting I'd have people lined up willing to slap the wrinkles off my face and I wouldn't have to pay them a thing.

Would you get your face slapped to remove wrinkles?

Image via ABC News

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