Female Model Poses as Teen Boy for Menswear Ads & No Wonder Guys Are Confused

There seems to be some talk that poor men are confused, angry, and emasculated, and it's all because of us darned feminists who insist on having jobs, our own bank accounts, and the right to own property 'n' crazy stuff like that. But if you ask me, the fashion industry is to blame for men's confusion! First, it tells guys they have to carry purses (calling them "murses" doesn't make them any more masculine). Now fashion house Yves Saint Laurent has come out with its new menswear campaign -- starring a female model! Yes, that's a GIRL in the designer's lastest collection of suits, ties, jackets, pants, leather coats ... and probably boxer briefs too. Just what the world needs ... more girly men.


The model, Saskia de Brauw, is a 31-year-old Dutch woman who looks, well, like a teen boy. And she got the Saint Laurent Paris gig! This was no accident. It's not like Saskia showed up at the casting session and pretended to be a dude. No, Saint Laurent's creative director actually looked at a bunch of hot guys who could model the menswear line and thought, Nah. Let's go with a chick.

Hey, I have nothing against women who want to wear men's clothes. That whole Annie Hall thing was never my bag, but I have nothing against it. For that matter, if you're a guy, and you want to wear fishnets and Louboutins, go for it. If you do it in public, I'll know enough not to waste my time flirting with you.

Nor do I have anything against androgyny. Or anything against a woman who wants to look like a boy and a boy who wants to look like a woman. What I have a problem with is sending out the message via fashion campaign to a large-scale male population that they should look like this. That they should look like a girl who might actually be a boy, we're not totally sure, but either way s/he is kind of a girly boy/boyish girl. Aren't our guys confused and crazy enough?! Yes, they are. Trust me, I know. Try living in New York and going out to a bar and figuring out which guys are straight and which are gay. It's IMPOSSIBLE I tell you. And this stuff does ... not ... help.

Designers, please go back to designing for men, not boy-girls. You are not only confusing the men -- you are making life very difficult for us gals. Help me out here, Saint Laurent. Pretty please?

Do you think a female model should be modeling men's clothes?


Image via Saint Laurent Paris

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