The Thanksgiving Day Outfit Every Woman Should Wear

More Turkey, please.
Admit it, you're a little unsure what you should wear to that big Thanksgiving feast and I can't really blame you. You want something that's loose, comfortable, holiday and family-appropriate, and has an elastic waistline. But even though we've narrowed down the playing field, it doesn't mean you can wear just anything on Thursday. No, this outfit takes proper planning, proper execution, and leaves little room for mistakes. Basically, if you show up to Thanksgiving dinner in anything but this outfit, there will be holiday hell to pay.

So happy eating, friends, and here's to a comfortable, cozy and Turkey Day-chic outfit. Take a peek at our five biggest outfit must-haves that make every shape and size shine. Cheers!

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What's your go-to outfit for the holiday?

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doodl... doodlebut

Its a no for the socks and sweater for me, its going to be 81 here in AZ tomorrow

nonmember avatar sparklemama

jeggings, socks, oversized t shirt and a sweater? So you are suggesting that we all dress like my great-aunt martha?!

Miche... MichelleNYC

I'm Jewish - we do this kind of meal every Friday night. It's awesome :) 

Char_... Char_gal4

...There is a reason why leggings are also called 'notpants'.

For me, it's most likely going to be black slacks and a tunic top.  There.  Done.

stara... starandseen

I just bought skinny jeans so I'll wear those with a sweater I just got. Not sure if I'll wear ballet flats or boots yet.

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