The Thanksgiving Day Outfit Every Woman Should Wear

The Thanksgiving Day Outfit Every Woman Should Wear

More Turkey, please.
Admit it, you're a little unsure what you should wear to that big Thanksgiving feast and I can't really blame you. You want something that's loose, comfortable, holiday and family-appropriate, and has an elastic waistline. But even though we've narrowed down the playing field, it doesn't mean you can wear just anything on Thursday. No, this outfit takes proper planning, proper execution, and leaves little room for mistakes. Basically, if you show up to Thanksgiving dinner in anything but this outfit, there will be holiday hell to pay.

So happy eating, friends, and here's to a comfortable, cozy and Turkey Day-chic outfit. Take a peek at our five biggest outfit must-haves that make every shape and size shine. Cheers!

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What's your go-to outfit for the holiday?

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  • Denim Leggings


    Image via Madewell

    Rule #1 for holiday feasting? No Buckles. No Belts. Nothing with restrictions. It's the most important rule so that's why slipping into a pair of comfortable leggings (Denim legging, $55) will make your meal a breeze. Bonus? They look like real denim. 

  • A loose fitting tee


    Image via Old Navy

    Another key? Dressing in layers. You want to be able to be comfortable throughout the day and after all that drinking, snacking, and eating, you've got to be able to shed a few of your layers. A sleek and simple back tee (Vintage V-Neck, $9) will keep you looking great all day long.

  • Cozy sweater


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    A pop of color helps add a touch of sophistication to your look while keeping you comfortable. The best thing about an oversized  sweater (Sweater, $22.80) is that it flows with your natural shape and there's  a lot of give in the fabric. You may help stuff the turkey, but you certainly won't look like one.

  • Loose waves


    Image via ModCloth

    I'm a firm believer that you need a hairstyle that's going to last all day and look great no matter how you style it. Loose waves are the best way to give your outfit some oomph and it will look great pinned back or in a pony.

  • Comfortable socks


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    Quite possibly the most overlooked garment on this holiday? Socks. Seriously. While you're busy basting the turkey and candying your yams, your feet are freakin' freezing and you left home without a proper pair. Think ahead this year and add a little personality to your get-up with some comfortable and stylish socks (Striped socks, 3 for $30).

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