Jessica Biel's Sideboob Does All the Talking at 'Hitchcock' Premiere


jessica bielThere's not much you can dislike about Jessica Biel's style. From her gorgeous pink wedding gown to her street wear to her hair, the 30-year-old actress always looks effortlessly gorgeous. Case in point, this Hitchcock red carpet premiere look. In a revealing black Gucci gown, Jess showed off her sexy back (heh), her toned shoulders, as well as some seriously sexy sideboob. With up-swept hair and minimal makeup, Jess let her dress and her body do the talking, and wow, was it ever chatting up a storm.

It was all, "Look at me, bitches!" and we dutifully obliged. With an outfit like that, it was hard to turn away.

Jessica kept her look classy by showing a little, but not too much. The exposed back was a nice contrast to the fully covered and high-necked front, and the sideboob added a little bit of peek-a-boo sexiness that was tasteful yet flirty.

Sideboob, in case you haven't noticed, is kind of a thing these days. Miley Cyrus' was the star of her Marie Claire shoot recently, and other stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, Lindsay Lohan, and Camilla Belle aren't shy about showing theirs off, either.

Lady Gaga's getting on the sideboob train, too. Just a few days ago in Buenos Aires, she rocked the look in a floral leotard. ("Rocked the look in a floral leotard" is not something I see myself ever saying again, so that was fun.) And model-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showed off side everything in a sexy Gucci dress (like Biel's!) last month.

It totally looks like sideboobs are here to stay for a while, doesn't it? 

So tell me, do you like the look?


Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty

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nonmember avatar sarah

i dont like the side book. i dont think it says "sexy", i think it says "hey look at how saggy my boobs are"

LuvMy... LuvMySmoopy

I agree!! What's the big deal lately over side boob? Even Rhianna and Miley look horrible with it. Also, te word "sexy" should never be in the same sentence with "side-boob".

tuffy... tuffymama

Side boob brings to mind Peter Griffin. It's not classy. KLASSY, maybe. But Jess's hair was OMG GORGEOUS. She must be using a better stylist or something. Or she's listening to JT. That hair was FLAWLESS and appropriate.

Rik Magee

Side Boobs are writing on  here.   I  once knew a gilr that had 68 X 24X 35 mesuements.   She appared on stage.  She couldn; sing or dance.  She just crawled out on the stage and Tried to Stand p !   Badda Bing... Badda BOOM !   ~Rick Magee, FL    

Rik Magee

Side Boobs are writing on here. I once knew a girl that had 68 X 24X 35 mesuements. She appeared on stage. She couldn't Sing or Dance. She just crawled out on the stage and Tried to Stand Up !  Badda Bing... Badda BOOM ! ~Rick Magee, FL

nonmember avatar Horace

Biel, who turned 30 in March and married Justin Timberlake back
in October, made her name as a teenager on the popular television series 7th Heaven,
on which she was a regular from 1997 to 2003.
In the years since then, she has struggled to find
a firm footing in the world of film. Some would say that
her striking looks have limited the range of parts that she has been offered.

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