Women Are Cutting Off Their Pinky Toes to Wear Stilettos (VIDEO)

heelsFinding a pair of heels that are comfortable to walk in for more than 10 minutes at a time is definitely a challenge, but believe it or not, some women are going to insane extremes to make the process a whole lot easier.

And when I say insane, I mean I-N-S-A-N-E. More are more women are undergoing surgical procedures so they can wear high heels -- and some are even going so far as to have their toes cut off. No, I'm not kidding. (But I really wish I were.)


Having your pinky toe completely severed in order to be able to squish your foot into a sexy pair of stilettos sounds totally ridiculous -- but yes, women are doing it.

Other "foot job" procedures that are seeing a rise in popularity include getting injections into the balls of the feet for extra padding and cushioning, and also having one or more toes shortened as opposed to slicing the whole toe off. (Still kind of nuts if you ask me.)

Ok, so I can understand resorting to foot surgery if you are in a constant state of pain or have trouble walking because of some sort of problem with your feet. But if you have to go under the knife in order to be able to wear heels -- doesn't that kind of clue you in that they probably aren't the most natural thing to wear? 

I mean, I LOVE the way heels look, and I drool over Kate Middleton's gorgeous legs every time I see her step out in her favorite pair of nude pumps. But each and every single time, I make some sort of comment about how I don't understand how she can walk around in heels all day like that -- because I sure as hell can't.

And as much as I'd love to be able to strut my stuff in a chic pair of stilettos, I certainly don't care about them enough to go to drastic measures to fit into them.

If I find a pair that I can tolerate long enough to wear on a dinner date or for a few hours at a wedding, I'm satisfied. But as for the shoes I wear on a daily basis? Yeah -- I stick to flats, not only because they're comfy and practical, but also because there are so many cute styles on the market these days. (Flats are the new heels anyway.)

Back to the women who are cutting off their toes -- I'm sorry, but they're completely off their rockers, period. Oh, and one more thing, aren't they the least bit concerned about how funky their feet are going to look with a toe missing come flip-flop season?

You can hear more about this new surgical trend in this video clip.


Be honest -- would you cut off your toe for the sake of your high heels?


Image via emilio labrador/Flickr

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