5 Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas That Are Seriously Too Cute to Miss (VIDEOS)

nail artThis Thanksgiving, if you want to escape from all your random relatives asking you about your life, if you want to run from the room when your mother-in-law shoots you a look that says, "are you really going to fill up on those cheese and crackers?", and if you want to flee from the family mayhem once Uncle Richard arrives, then here's the perfect excuse: Thanksgiving nail art. I know, I know, it sounds a little silly, but these 5 tutorials showcase the best fall foliage, turkey-head, gobble gobble nails that ever there was.

Squirrel away into the guestroom and start painting. Grrrl, I understand.


Orange, red, and glittery autumn nails:

Fancy turkey nails:

Cute, glittery turkey nails:

Pilgrim, Native American, corn, and turkey nails:

All turkey nails, all the time:

Happy Thanksgiving nail-arting!

Think you'd try any of these?


Photo via AditeeArt/YouTube

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