Confessions of a Curvy Woman: Why I Struggle With Skirts

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skirtAlmost as torturous as shopping for jeans is an event I'd like to call shopping for skirts. As with denim, you've got to find a style that fits you from the waist through the hip and legs ... aka impossible. The other problem with skirt shopping? You've got to slip into a size that flatters your figure, makes you feel chic and comfortable, and doesn't look baggy on your frame. It's a days work, I swear.

Factor in that every skirt fits every body differently and you've got the recipe for a dressing room disaster. I love pencil skirts, but the fit is always poor on my body. The style of a bodycon skirt is so svelte, fun, and form-fitting but still, it will never quite fit me like I wish it would. The same goes for a-line cuts, minis, and maxis. Shopping for a skirt will always challenge my self-confidence, so is it even worth it?

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The problem always comes back to my shape, which makes me feel like it's my problem. Either the fit is too tight through my hips, too short on my legs, or too baggy in my waist. If I'm lucky enough to find a skirt that hugs in all the right places, I worry that my legs look too stumpy or that there's not enough coverage. I just keep reminding myself this isn't just happening to me as I stare enviously at my 5'10, size 6, legs-for-days best friend.

I'm sure so many women will agree with me here. I want to feel sexy, feminine, and I want to wear clothes that emphasize just how proud I am of my shape (because hell, this is my body and I should be proud of it), but the end result always looks the same. It's always me, on the verge of tears, standing in a pool of ill-fitting skirts. So is it really freakin' worth the headache?

You might say Heeeeelllll no! But I'd have to disagree. One of the most incredible things about fashion, shopping, style, and fit is that it's all personal. I have to feel great in what I'm wearing. Me, me, me. It's one of the only times during the day where I really stop and consider how I feel about how I look. Though it might mean scouring the racks in desperate search of a skirt that fits, I'm committed to doing it.

What's the one thing you hate most when it comes to shopping? Let me know.


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linzemae linzemae

Im pear shaped and i cannot find a skirt i like. 

Miche... MichelleNYC

I have a serious hourglass figure, found success at, the skirts are ordered by a combination of waist and length size, comes in about 10 colors - and they fit my big but and and not so big legs really well :)

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I'm only five feet tall, so finding one the right length is impossible. Normal length skirts are always too long, and anything else too short, and not everything i want can be altered. Short girl problems....

Pinkmani Pinkmani

This is exactly why I wear dresses instead of skirts. 

PonyC... PonyChaser

I don't bother with them anymore at all, because I have the dreaded "cankles". NOTHING looks good on me, except floor-length, and that's just not practical. So I rock the pants. I have many of the same "jeans" problems that you have, too - smaller waist, larger hips, except with me, EVERYTHING is too tight in the ankle, so I just go for bootcut or wide-leg. Fortunately, both of those cuts flatter me, so that helps.

but yeah, skirts? I'd LOVE to wear them, with cute shoes... oh, how I'd love to rock a skirt ensemble with cute boots this winter for work. But, alas, nobody makes boots that fit cankles, and there is no skirt on earth that can hide them.

Alacia Alacia

I actually find skirts more forgiving than pants, and I wear them almost exclusively.  After 4 kids, my body shape is not what I would like it to be, but by learning the styles that work for me, I can hide the flaws and accentuate the positives much more successfully than with pants.  A bunch of cute tights and a couple of pairs of boots, and I am set for winter.


stara... starandseen

I hate shopping for jeans because I have to try on so many before finding one that fits. I also hate that every brand has its own sponge. I can be an XS in some brands and an S in others. So I always have to buy both and return one later.

Gabri... Gabrielle1982

I hate shopping. Period.  I'm pear shaped so all of my tops are too small and the waist of all my pants are too big and the legs too long. :(

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