Miley Cyrus Shaves Her Hair Again & Obviously She Needs a Hug (PHOTO)

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Miley CyrusWhen she first cut her hair into a very Pink-esque pixie style a few months ago, it looked kind of fresh and cute, but now Miley Cyrus has chopped off even more of her hair -- to the point that she barely has any left.

Ok, so she didn't pull a full-on Britney Spears shaved head (though that might be next), but it appears as though her stylist did take a razor to the sides to give her a nice, buzzed look. And obviously, a good dose of bleach was thrown into the mix here too, because Miley is blonder than she's ever been.

And while it's really not that big of a surprise that she's pulling out all the stops as far as expressing herself goes, as a mom, I just can't help but want to reach out and give Miley a huge hug, because she could obviously use one.

Oh, c'mon, I know I'm not the only mom out there whose first reaction when seeing this photo was something along the lines of, "What in the hell is that poor girl doing to herself?!? She's only 19 (almost 20), for crying out loud -- so why is she destroying her youthful good looks? She should embrace them while she still can, for God's sake!!"

Think I'm being a little too extreme?!? Then check out this photo of Miley from just eight months ago, because you'll definitely see what I'm talking about.

Miley Cyrus

Um, can you say healthy, glowing, and GORGEOUS? (That dress was to die for.)

Oh, Miley -- there's still time, honey. Let that crazy hairdo of yours grow out, add some low-lights, maybe throw on a little bronzer, and you'll be back to your old self in no time.

Do you think Miley's new haircut is too extreme, or do you think it's a nice change from how other young women her age in Hollywood look?


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the4m... the4mutts

Oh, please, just shut up about her hair. Not everyone subscribes to your version of "pretty". I hacked my hair off at 18, and never looked back. I've had Pink-esque mohawks, shaved half my hair, shaved my whole head down to 1 inch, and right now all my hair is shaed underneath, but is down to my shoulders on top.

And I'm still young, and pretty.

linzemae linzemae

I agree with 4mutts. It's her style. Leave her alone

lovem... lovemyson1224

I love what her new cut looks like.... I don't know why everyone hates it so much it suits her.

nonmember avatar JW

I love her hair!! It's edgy and fun!! She is standing out. Why is the writer so negative? Look around, people everywhere are trying to break out of the suburbian-chic look that has been plaguing our country for years.

purpl... purpleflower514

So when someone like Pink does that it cool and when Miley does it she must be having a hard time? Did it ever occur to you that she actually likes her hair that way. She spent her whole life with long hair and a lot of time with long hair and a wig. I don't blame her one bit and I think she looks adorable.

Megan Lee

Really?  She needs a hug because she cut her hair?
Quit re-enforcing the stereotype that in order to be feminine or beautiful you need long hair.

Miche... Michelephant

There is not better time to do crazy things with your hair than when you are young.


She IS embracing her youth silly!It's hair!She didn't have surgery the heck down.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I kinda like it! she's young and it's cute in a punky kind of way. 

BPayne09 BPayne09

It's just hair!

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