6 Little Things Moms Can Do to Look Less Frumpy

haircutHate to be the bearer of bad news here, but unless you're a Real Housewife, once you become a mom -- sorry! -- party's over. Well, in some aspects (in others, party's just beginning). Long gone are your days of aimlessly wandering through malls, trying to find the perfect dress for dinner that night. And your long-standing Saturday mani/pedi -- ha! That's a cruel thing of the past. When you're a parent, getting ready is more a feat of speed and efficiency than leisure and luxury.

Being a mother is amazing, but it isn't always glamorous. But there are ways to look less frumpy and frazzled -- even if you don't have time. Here are six little things moms can do for their appearance that will make a big difference.

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Ashley McCarson

cute tips, but my baby tends to spit up WHITE! hehe

onefo... onefootcutiepie

Reading this article leads me to think that you don't have children. :/

nonmember avatar Thir1t3en

Dyeing eyelashes? O_o. How about Maybelline Glam mascara instead. It lengthens and darkens. I keep a good lip balm on hand and usually it's tinted so my lips always look soft and pretty. Dusting powder made from organic cornstarch, organic green clay and cocoa powder is not only cheap, but very light and what I use when I have no time for make up. You can find those items at a whole foods store for under $10.

Rachelle Rinn Shurtliff

I've found that if you look frumpy most of the time but look decent and put together every once in a while you get a lot of compliments on those days.  :)  If you look put together every day, then people just expect you to look that way and then if you have a frumpy day, everyone says you look tired and ask you if you're okay.

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