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Felip... FelipesMom

Wait, I'm confused. Am I suppoed to LOVE my lashes, or change them by dyeing/adding extensions to them?

I think I'm going with option #1, thankyouverymuch

Anna Potts

so because im a mom im frumpy! maybe you but im 21 i never look frumpy

nonmember avatar Sarah

Poor you, only 2 pedicures in 7 whole months!!!!! Since having my baby, 9 years ago, I haven't had a single pedicure.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I agree with most of these. My son is two months old and I think I'm wearing the same polish on my toes that I had on when he was born :-p I'm getting my groove back though, gotta get a cut and dye on the hair pretty soon and I bet that'll do wonders.

nonmember avatar UmmNo

1. New Yorkers don't wear "all black" every day. Go to New York and look around. 2. Black doesn't hide spit up. Baby spit up is white and almost impossible to hide on black clothes.

Christina Huddle

Too be honest, I'd rather be frumpy. At least, I know then that I am comfortable. My daughter is 3 and while I don't dye my hair, I do get regular hair cuts. I've never had a pedicure. Don't want one either. My feet are way too ticklish. I do my own manicures as well.

nonmember avatar brooke

gosh. ya'll are an angry little group, aren't you? it is fabulous that you have so much me time as mothers. this was geared at the mother who don't have a lot of time for keeping themselves up. i liked it!

Kathy Kalous

I look frumpy sometimes, just like the next gal. But, I wear mascara, give MYSELF pedicures, wear black SOMETIMES (so I don't look like Morticia!), have several pair of comfortable shoes....Nothing in this article was earth shattering...

MomLi... MomLily67

While caring for a very young baby takes most of your time, there is alwasy something you can do to keep up your nice look. Make it a rule, for example, to  put on some mascara and a lighr shade of eyesahdow to brighten up your eyes. If no time to do your hair, brush it,  put it up on a NICE pony tail or bun. Also, keep only cute blouses or shirts handy, no need to buy expensive, jeans, nice leggins, clean sneakers, and some nice flats. If your ears are pierced, put on a pair of earrings that you can keep on at all times. If mom  feels OK, baby, husband and the rest of the family will be Ok too.

irish... irishmama1007

Maybe the title should read "to make you FEEL less frumpy". If I see a frumpy outfit with pedicured toes, I'm still going to think the person is frumpy. KWIM?

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