6 Little Things Moms Can Do to Look Less Frumpy

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  • Keep Up With Your Color


    I'm a big believer that color is more important than cut. If you don't color your hair, congrats, your hair is way more healthy than mine; but if you do, keep it up! Nothing says "I desperately need time for myself" more than a head full of roots.

  • Love Your Lashes


    anna carol/Flickr

    Lashes make a big difference in how "awake" you look, and you have a few options here. One, you can get eyelash extensions, which will give you lashes for days but is really expensive. Or two, you can dye your lashes, which really, really makes them pop. Worth noting, though: Dyeing doesn't last very long. A few weeks at best. It looks really good, though.

  • Buy a Good Pair of Comfortable Shoes


    Toting around a tot is no easy feat. Toting around a tot in heels -- if you're me, at least -- is basically impossible. So invest in a pair of flats that you really love. Splurge a little. If you wear them every day, you'll totally get your money's worth.

    Tory Burch Eddie Snake Flat, $250

  • Pedicures


    Since I've had a baby, I can count on one hand how many pedicures I've had (2). And, at the time of writing this, my daughter is 7 months old. However, nothing makes me feel more put-together than glancing down and seeing perfectly pedicured toes.

  • Maintain Your Brows


    Whether you wax, pluck, or thread -- clean, shaped eyebrows brighten up your entire face.

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