Charlize Theron's Brunette Buzz Cut Isn't as Shocking as Her Face

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charlize theronWanna know what shocked the pants off me this weekend? Photos of Charlize Theron munching with her mom, Gerda, in her native South Africa. It wasn't so much the lunch that really put me over the edge as it was Charlize's shocking brunette buzz cut. The Hollywood hottie and mama to adorable baby boy Jackson debuted her darker 'do in Cape Town over the weekend. She famously buzzed off her blond locks for her role in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road. It's a far cry from the breathtaking blond we're all used to. But folks -- it doesn't stop there.

In the photos, it looks as though Char's cheek has been burned. The pigment in her left cheek is darker than the rest of her face and it looks blotchy. Maybe it's a scar from a long ago run-in with an angry curling iron, or maybe it's leftover makeup from the movie set. Whatever it is though, I've just got to ask: What happened to the beautiful Charlize?

I'm a big fan of celebrities shedding their trademark locks for sleeker, daring 'dos, but I don't think Charlize is really upping the ante on this one. I don't see this cut and think, "YES! Totally! She killed it on this one." I think, "Ok, Char. Let's get it together here. This is a little too radical, don't ya think?" And brown -- geez! Girl totally had me fooled. Is this her natural color? Is it just a boxed dye? Is it even for the movie? Or to avoid the paparazzi? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

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Even though her new look is nothing like her buxom blond days (and I prefer the safer, blond days), I think the edgier cut suits Charlize for the moment. She's one of those stars that will stun no matter what you put her in and the buzzed brunette boy-ish cut is further proof. But since we've all got to pick a side on this one, I'm Team Blond Charlize. No questions about it.

What's really troubling me, though, is the discoloration on her cheek. Is it makeup? Does she just have blotchy skin? Is it an infection? Is this all a part of her getting into character? Was she on-the-go running errands all morning and so she's a little out of breath? For all the times I've spotted the Oscar winner out on the town sans makeup, I've never once noticed this. It has me a little worried.

What about you? Worried that Charlize's look is too radical?


Image via Splash News

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missusmc missusmc

She's gorgeous.  Period.

tuffy... tuffymama

My oldest son gets a weird mottling on his cheeks like that if he accidentally eats something he's allergic to. I think it's inherent to many really white folks, and Charlize comes from some whitey whites. Or it could be a reaction to sunscreen. That's happened to me. Whatever. She's gorgeous. We should all be so lucky.

momto... momtolittleg

Don't people sometimes get a rash like that when pregnant/just after giving birth?

nonmember avatar skipper

She adopted so it wouldn't be from pregnancy. It could be self-tanner coming off of her skin. It can make skin look patchy when it starts to wear off. Either way she is still beautiful. :)

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

Whatever. She is still gorgeous. Take the make up off most celebrities, and they look like hell. She still looks natural, and pretty. 

nonmember avatar osumchic

She could possibly have melasma which is an overproduction of melanin and happens a lot after pregnancy. It worsens when you get in the sun. I hope she doesn't have that because it never really goes away, it just lightens when you stay out of the sun.

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