What's the Deal With Women Walking Around With Wet Hair?

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wet hairThere was something about seeing a woman with wet hair that would drive me nuts. To me, it symbolized not having enough time to fully dry your hair before leaving the house. Or being rushed. I cannot stand being rushed. So maybe that's why it bugged me so much. Especially in winter. Weren't those women with wet heads cold? And because I would see these ladies during my morning commute on the subway on the way to work, I assumed they too were headed to an office, a professional setting, which was no place for hair not yet ready to face the day.

Some would twist the hair up in a bun or the worst offenders would let it hang, dripping water down their backs or fronts, making wet trails on clothes, jackets, coats. Why? WHY?

I learned why when I became one of those women.

Part of what I didn't understand about leaving the house with wet hair was leaving your hair style to chance. Without a blowdryer, a straightener, or a curling iron, how are you to know what your hair is going to turn out like if you just let it dry on its own. A little wisp from the subway train breeze here, a little rub up against some strangers coat there, and your hairstyle could certainly become one that you may never be able to repeat (or never want to).

Then there's the professional bit. Wet hair to me says Hi boss! I was out too late last night and completely overslept but had to shower this morning to get the stank out! But here I am! Wet hair and ready to start the day! Prepare for cowlicks by noon!

Then I became a mom. I grew out my bangs so my hair had less maintenance and it was all one length. I needed my sleep. Every. Last. Second of it. And then five minutes more. And I wanted to spend as much of my mornings with my newborn twins and doing my hair just took time away from that. Besides I could just twist it up into a bun and it wouldn't be dripping down my back wet, and I could still look somewhat put together.

I also got mad at myself for even concerning myself with other people's hair back when I did. Basically, sometimes there is just not enough time in the morning to get ready. And for some, air drying makes your hair look better. But I'd still worry that it looks unprofessional for some offices. Depends on the job, of course ... and the boss.

What do you think of wet hair? Does it look unprofessional in an office setting? Do you ever leave the house with your hair wet?


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Tracy Peterson Taylor

I thought the same thing until I began working from home.  Wet hair at work?  Are you kidding?  Do you not CARE about being a professional?  Enter home office.  All of a sudden I'd realize it was noon, I'd been busy all morning, now it's time to shower and run some errands over lunch.  Wet hair in a ponytail with sideswept long bangs became fashionable!  Now "doing" my hair seems like a chore :)

Jespren Jespren

I let my hair dry naturally because I care about my hair. I have waist length hair. You do not blow dry long hair unless you want a head full of straw! Now I don't leave mine down when I leave the house, it's braided, in a bun or otherwise swept up and held in place (which takes a lot less time than you'd think once your used to it), but it takes hours for waist length hair to dry. If I want to shower and leave the house in the same day, it's going to be wet. Why in any world would it be innapropriate to have wet hair? Just 'cuz it's wet doesn't mean it's not brushed, managed, and/or styled.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I think walking around with wet hair is tacky. If you don't like adding heat to your hair, then you should have showered the night before. (I don't know why people shower in the morning anyways. I could never go to bed dirty.) 

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I wash my hair at night, and it is always dry by morning- so this is never a problem for me. I don't use a blow dryer or curling iron nor any products on my hair aside from some leave in conditioner to keep it from being full of static.

I have long, straight hair- any I keep it well maintained during the day... but I am a minimalist and refuse to waste my life worrying about something as trivial as hair during the day!

blue82 blue82

@kelly24019 wow she took this very personal you must have wet hair hehe from what I see I don't think she pointed you out...wet hair who cares ;}

kelti... kelticmom

First off, calling the author a bitch - totally uncalled for. Secondly, if you chose not to use heat on your hair and let it dry naturally, that is your choice. But you should make sure it's dry before showing up for work. So wash it the night before. Having wet hair at work says "I don't care enough about this job to make sure I look my best and be professional." Would you go on a date or to church or a wedding with wet hair? No? Than you shouldn't go to work with wet hair either.

Estel... EstellaHavisham

If you use hair friendly products that are made with the good stuff (I like Lush), you really only need to wash your hair twice a week. As soon as I switched from things like Suave to Lush's BIG and Jumping Juniper with their Veganese and American Cream conditioner (depending on the weather), I've washed less, have a non-greasy sheen (finally), and my hair is way healthier. And, it takes me months to go through the 100ml bottle. I do blow dry as my scalp is cowlick-city. 

/end sales pitch. I am an unapologetic Lush fiend and a judge mental -- emphasis on the mental -- bitch of everything else. Ha. 

curio... curious1145

Pinkmani, I just agreed with you recently on something, now I totally disagree! You say you don't know why people shower in the morning,and that you could never go to bed dirty. Well, I don't know how people could take a shower the night before. I can't get myself to go to work in the morning "dirty." I don't feel clean for work unless I take a shower in the morning right before work.

As for the wet hair,yes I'm quilty of it quite often. I sometimes feel self-conscious,but you know what? Who cares what people think? I'm trying to stop letting it bother me. I usually am in a rush in the morning,dry my hair quickly,leave with it still kind-of wet. Oh well. It shows I took a shower which is a good thing!

thing... thingz123

I wear my hair naturally curly. I blow dried it for years when I chemically straightened it. I have to spritz it in the morning (on days when I don't wash it) in order to apply product and refresh the curl patterns. I get into a nice, warm car and drive for over half an hour to get to work, so by the time I get there, it's still damp, but I don't look like a wet poodle. Nobody at my job cares about it being damp when I set foot on the premises.

I have never heard one individual comment about it being damp, ever. It's already in a definite style, it doesn't hang straight.  But even if it did, how rude would that be, to just assume somebody is a lazy slob because their hair isn't already dry and "polished" looking? Get a life, people, and stop judging everybody else's.

Just one more appearance related thing for women to get hung up over. Don't get me started on stoopid comments women have to endure that don't have "conventional", straight hair. Now, not only should we pick on people who choose not to have straight hair, we should also pick on people who subject us to seeing their hair wet? Ridiculous. And seriously catty.

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