What's the Deal With Women Walking Around With Wet Hair?

wet hairThere was something about seeing a woman with wet hair that would drive me nuts. To me, it symbolized not having enough time to fully dry your hair before leaving the house. Or being rushed. I cannot stand being rushed. So maybe that's why it bugged me so much. Especially in winter. Weren't those women with wet heads cold? And because I would see these ladies during my morning commute on the subway on the way to work, I assumed they too were headed to an office, a professional setting, which was no place for hair not yet ready to face the day.

Some would twist the hair up in a bun or the worst offenders would let it hang, dripping water down their backs or fronts, making wet trails on clothes, jackets, coats. Why? WHY?

I learned why when I became one of those women.


Part of what I didn't understand about leaving the house with wet hair was leaving your hair style to chance. Without a blowdryer, a straightener, or a curling iron, how are you to know what your hair is going to turn out like if you just let it dry on its own. A little wisp from the subway train breeze here, a little rub up against some strangers coat there, and your hairstyle could certainly become one that you may never be able to repeat (or never want to).

Then there's the professional bit. Wet hair to me says Hi boss! I was out too late last night and completely overslept but had to shower this morning to get the stank out! But here I am! Wet hair and ready to start the day! Prepare for cowlicks by noon!

Then I became a mom. I grew out my bangs so my hair had less maintenance and it was all one length. I needed my sleep. Every. Last. Second of it. And then five minutes more. And I wanted to spend as much of my mornings with my newborn twins and doing my hair just took time away from that. Besides I could just twist it up into a bun and it wouldn't be dripping down my back wet, and I could still look somewhat put together.

I also got mad at myself for even concerning myself with other people's hair back when I did. Basically, sometimes there is just not enough time in the morning to get ready. And for some, air drying makes your hair look better. But I'd still worry that it looks unprofessional for some offices. Depends on the job, of course ... and the boss.

What do you think of wet hair? Does it look unprofessional in an office setting? Do you ever leave the house with your hair wet?


Image via BLW Photography/Flickr

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