Faux Leather Leggings Look Awesome On Mom at the Playground (PHOTOS)

I have these vinyl leggings -- they are like pleather, faux leather. Skin tight. Technically they are polyester and spandex. If I wore them with a skin tight tank top all I would need is some hooker heels and I can make some money on the side. Of course I wouldn't.

I bought these bad-ass pants before I had kids. I wore them maybe once with a really long shirt and in the closet they lived until I realized they are just the thing that can spice up my wardrobe. I don't have to be boring just because I'm a mom. In fact, I feel like I could get away with more ... because my kids love it and they have reminded me that you can laugh and have fun with the silly things. Being silly is awesome. Just like faux leather leggings.

So I wear them. Just like this. And it's totally acceptable at the playground. I even let my daughter Pippi wear them.


She's 3. Hers have flowers on them. And we both like to wear them with long shirts and calf high boots. They shine in the sun.

mother daughter

They are also very comfortable and warm. Much warmer than cotton leggings. And if you wear leggings the right way, not the cringe-worthy slutty way, they can be a staple in your wardrobe. My rule is that my butt and crotch should be covered by the shirt. And the shirt shouldn't be tight. Here I'm wearing a long loose-fitting A-line tank top with a super-long boxy sweater.

Pippi is wearing hers with a sweater dress and hooded cardigan over that with boots ... just like mama. A mama who would wear heels to the playground if I had to (or just felt like it).

Want to know what else is great about these leggings? You know you do. They repel dirt. You can get dribble, boogers, sticky food droppings, and it all washes off really easily ... with a wipey even ... and there is no stain. Kid-proof pants. Why wouldn't you want to wear them. You can stretch and bend in them without feeling like your are wounding your insides and the added bonus is your husband would love feeling how silky your legs feel in them even if you haven't shaved your legs in weeks.

Best pants ever? I'd say yes.

Would you wear faux leather leggings?


Images via Michele Zipp

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