Judge Judy Wears a Bikini at 70 Even Though She's Way Too Old (VIDEO)

Judge Judy bikini on Katie

On a recent family trip to the Bahamas, 70-year-old Judge Judy wore a bikini without hesitation, basically because she wanted to sport a two-piece one more time in her life -- and she wanted to celebrate her 70th birthday with a bang.

She sat down and talked to Katie Couric on Monday and told her all about the amazing trip -- and also dared to show off a photo of herself wearing her white bikini and sheer cover-up.

And while she definitely looks amazing for her age and should by all means proudly wear a bikini if she so chooses, personally, I don't think I'd have the balls to do it. Because 70 is just way, way too old to show off that much skin. (Yes, it is.)


And I'm seriously hoping women wearing two pieces in their 70s doesn't become some sort of trend, because it will completely ruin my plans to possibly retire my bikini once and for all at 35. (Damn it!)

Even though I do my best to stay in shape, I find myself becoming less and less comfortable with wearing a bikini on the beach every summer, because part of me feels like I'm simply a bit over-the-hill for that sort of thing. I guess as a mom, I feel this innate need to cover up -- even though I know that plenty of moms who are older than me have no problem donning a two-piece. (What's wrong with me?)

And if I don't hang up the bikinis once and for all this summer, something tells me it will definitely happen by the time I hit 40. I'll no doubt have switched to tankinis or one-pieces by then -- and by the time I'm 70? Yeah, I'm guessing I will have ditched the swimwear altogether in favor of a mumu.

Do you think there is a certain age when all moms should stop wearing bikinis, or should they simply wear them until they aren't comfortable in them anymore?


Image via ABC

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