Emily Maynard Makeup-Free Finally Sets a Good Example for Her Little Girl

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emily maynardPoor Bachelorette Emily Maynard can't go get a facial at a plastic surgeon's office without everyone thinking she's getting plastic surgery, and now, poor Emily Maynard can't enjoy a meal out alone without someone snapping a picture of her. Further still, poor Emily Maynard can't get her picture snapped with a fan without someone like me writing about it. So, uh, let's get right to it, eh? I mean, Emily Maynard was makeup-free and looking naturally flawless.

Sometimes I find it hard to remember that she's just 26, but when she goes bare-faced, you can totally see this very beautiful young woman who's not just some done-up reality star with something to prove.

If you ask me, Emily should go makeup-free more often. Sometimes her look can become too pageant-y, which only serves to make her look older, not necessarily more attractive.

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I've always been a fan of the less is more theory, especially, if not specifically, when it comes to makeup, because, really, there's no better beauty than natural beauty. OK, well maybe inner beauty is the most important thing, but natural beauty is a close second.

Emily's got a 7-year-old daughter. Before she knows it, little Ricki will want to start dressing up, wearing makeup, and doing her hair just like Mommy. What a nice example Emily could set for her daughter by laying off the eye-liner and lip-plumpers and letting, instead, her organic attractiveness shine through. 

There is no denying Emily's god-given good looks -- she's got an innate elegance about her that is more than charming. Sometimes I think that gets lost behind the layers of makeup. (While we're on the subject, I don't think her giant breast implants enhance her appeal, either.)

All I'm saying is that Emily, like most women, looks her best when she's wearing minimal makeup, and that her daughter Ricki might be inspired to let her own natural beauty do the talking if Mom does, too.

Just a thought.

When it comes to makeup, do you think less is more?


Photo via MelissakSkinner/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

Really? Last time I checked wearing makeup didn't make you a bad parent or means you set a bad example. Ridiculous how all the bloggers on this site seem to be so anti-makeup/beauty products.

Miche... Michelephant

Moms wearing makeup does not damage their daughters self image.  Does she look great without it, yes, but dressing up and wearing makeup as a mom isn't something to to frown upon.  

nonmember avatar Ellie Nordling

"God-given good looks" ?? She has had some surgical work done. That is not to say that she wasn't beautiful before that also.

tuffy... tuffymama

Exactly what Lexi said. I think that the most leftist of the Kool-Aid drinkers hate for women to be attractive. HATE. As if being comely equates to weakness. Uhhhhhh... Nope. I don't even know who Emily Maynard is, but if she wants to cake on the slap or have some things tweaked to succeed in her career, so be it. To each her own. As long as she's not out of control to the point of ruining her natural beauty like Lil' Kim or Lindsey Lohan (which, to me, indicates some problems), I say leave her the hell alone. She doesn't tell your foolish behind how to raise YOUR kid, though you DO have some questionable ideas about what constitutes a good person. Obviously.

nonmember avatar Kate

And how does writing a blog like this set a good example??? We live in such a hate filled society enough as it is. Why don't we just leave the poor woman alone??

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