Snooki & 6 Other Celebrities With the Worst Fake Teeth in Hollywood

Emily Abbate | Nov 15, 2012 Beauty & Style

Snooki A great smile can make a WORLD of difference. Sure, you may be head-over-heels for good-looking stars like Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington, but did you see them before they had their snazzy white perfectly created smiles? Yeah, it wasn't all swoons and "ohmygods!"

With that said there are some celebrities who have opted for veneers, and, well, they're not exactly doing them any favors. Take Snooki for instance. Apparently, the Jersey Shore star is now raking in enough dough to buy herself a new smile and it's ... serious. Snooki and her brand new pearly whites are over the place, and I'm feeling a little blinded. Man, that poor little momma meatball.

Snooks isn't the only one with a fake smile that's just a little too much to handle. Whether they're too white, too big, or just plain crooked, check out Snooki and 6 other celebrities with veneers that make us cringe:

What do you think about these celebrity smiles? Is there anyone we missed?


Image via Splash News

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