Confessions of a Curvy Woman: Why I Hate Shopping for Jeans

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jeansPicture this: You're sitting at your desk, it's about midday, and you're engaged in an all out staring contest with a package of Fun Size Peanut M&Ms. Everything inside you is urging to pick up the package and devour the deliciously chocolate, nutty goodness but you can't help thinking, "Dang it. Another piece of chocolate and I'll never fit into my jeans." Truth be told, I'm going to eat the M&Ms, but the point of this matter is my jeans. My jeans, people. My snug, comfortable, dark denim jeans.

They're my favorite pair. And they're also the pair I wear basically every day because they're the only pair that fit like I want them to: a little (ok! fine! a lot) of give through the hip, snug at the waist, and tight at the ankle. I wear these jeans religiously because I dread jean shopping. As a lady with a disproportionate figure, shopping for new denim is unbearable. I struggle (and cry) every time I go to the store.

I think my body type is normal. Or kind of normal. Average, even. I'm about 5'5 and I have a small waist but a bigger butt and fuller hips. The fact that my frame isn't the same size all the way through makes shopping for great-looking jeans seem impossible. No matter how many pairs I try on and no matter how well my friends tell me they fit, I am always disappointed and frustrated. I have a yet to find a pair of jeans that I try on and think, "OMG! This fits perfectly!" It doesn't happen. A size up is too loose on my waist and a size smaller is too tight on my legs. No matter how confident I am walking into a store, I always leave upset.

I can't understand why designers haven't figured out that they're dressing REAL women. Not fit models, not mannequins, not Heidi Klum lookalikes. I am a woman with shape. Curves. Thighs. And it's not like I'm in denial about my weight or my body. I like my figure. Is it really so hard to make jeans that might actually work for me, the consumer? I feel like it's not a lot to ask.

I've tried belts, tried taking my pants to a tailor, tried every fad and legitimate diet, tried everything from Pilates to Yoga to training for a marathon. My figure is something I cannot change. But I always, always feel duped in stores. And I know I'm not the only one. It's disheartening to try on a pair of jeans that won't ever hug you in all the right places.

Like I said, I like my figure. I'm just trying to figure out why designers don't.

What about you, ladies? How does trying on jeans make you feel? Got any tips?


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Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to provide oodles of tips or anything of the sort as I have the exact same problem! I am a white girl as well with a booty, which apparently doesn't seem to be a problem for everyone, nor has it always been an issue. I can't lie, my waist size fluctuates, but since the majority of my jeans are low rise anyway (I can't handle any type of pants/jeans over or around my belly button) my waist isn't the creator of the issue. It's my butt and the maker of the jeans. I have yet to understand why makers think you either have zero booty or an overly huge bodonkadonk!! Even if I attempt to buy a pair, same cut/size as the one's I find in a lighter/darker color from the exact same maker, they don't fit right! It has to be the most frustrating thing ever!! That's why when I'm able to find some I like, I wear them until I can't anymore! I'm 8 months pregnant now and just had this exact issue yesterday! I bawled (on the day of my shower mind you) because I went and bought a whole new outfit to wear. The maternity jeans I usually wear (size M) fit pretty well and I am comfortable in them. Size large is too big in all the wrong places, but any other size mediums I've tried don't go over my butt the right way! That was the case with the new one's too! SMH..I'd appreciate any tips/brands as well!

kelti... kelticmom

I'm only 5'2", I have a small waist, but a big butt as well. If it fits in the waist, I can't get them over my hips. If it fits in the butt/hips, it's huge in the waist. Low rise jeans are so uncomfortable, and show your crack when you bend over. Regular jeans are way to long, but petite just doesn't fit well, apparently petite girls aren't meant to be curvy. I have given up.and mostly wear jeggings with longer sweaters/shirts and tall boots.

marabie marabie

two words. The Buckle. They have several fits for body types I'm small so I don't have that issue BUT I have big hips and super skinny legs and it is hard to find jeans that fit my hips and my legs without being a little baggy and they have jeans that fit perfect for me. I also work there so I'm a ltitle biased but the BKE's are the less expensive and good jeans are worth the money if you wear them all the time which I do.

the4m... the4mutts

This will sound very racist, but its not.

Shop in the "black" stores. There are lots of black ladies with trim waistlines, and big booties. They certainly aren't getting their pants at Sears, kwim?

I only shop for jeans in the "black" stores. I'm larger than you, but have the same shape. Smaller waist, larger butt & hips, then toned legs to top it off.

kelti... kelticmom

Maurices used to make a pair that was perfect. It was called the boyfriend. Higher waist, but not hitting the belly button, made the butt look.really good, but not super tight in the thigh. Then they stopped, and everything I try on everywhere, including the "urban" stores is just skin tight and trashy looking, or baggy, unflattering mess. Sigh.

jkm89 jkm89

Curse of the big booty lol.

I have to buy all of my jeans in short and I cannot for the life of me find any cute jeans! I've only ever been able to find very basic, plain washes. I want bedazzled-pocket jeans! Not fair!

nonmember avatar Jamie

the gap has a pretty decent curvy section for jeans as well.

Eny2atl Eny2atl

As a black woman I have no idea what a "black" store is. I buy my jeans from Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom confused

nonmember avatar Karri

I have the same problem. :( And the only think I like to wear is jeans.

kelti... kelticmom

Ent2ayl, I think she meant stores that carry brands like Apple Bottom, Baby Phat, Licious, etc bc those brands are made with curvy women in mind. I know you can get those at major department stores, but not all towns have Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. They are carried in smaller boutiques.

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