20 Places Moms Can Wear Yoga Pants Without Embarrassing Themselves

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yoga pantsBe honest, how many days a week do you go to get dressed with every intention of putting on a cute outfit -- only to break down and throw on yoga pants because they're just so darn comfy you can't help yourself?

All moms do it, because we're smart, and because it's a whole hell of a lot easier to manage the gazillion things we have to do on any given day if we aren't confined by zippers, buttons, and the like.

Just yesterday, I woke up and went to the closet and grabbed a pair of jeans, and then the work-at-home mom in me kicked in and said, "Wait a minute -- I'm not leaving the house today, so why waste a good pair of jeans? Yoga pants it is."

And you know what? I think they looked pretty darn good. I'll be the first to admit that I used to consider the traditional yoga pant "mom uniform" a bit on the frumpy side -- but lately, every time I see a mom out and about in her yoga gear, I look at her and think, "Wow. She looks so cute! Wonder where she got those pants ..."

Good news ladies, it seems that yoga pants aren't just for the gym anymore. Here are 20 other places you can wear them with pride and not feel like you're committing some huge fashion faux-pas.

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  1. The airport -- Duh. Traveling and uncomfortable clothes just don't mix.
  2. The grocery store -- Yoga pants + stocking up on healthy foods = "I wanna be just like her."
  3. The bus stop -- A real no-brainer. It's early, it's cold, and you haven't had your shower yet.
  4. Soccer practice -- Because you never know when you'll be asked to step in and assist with coaching.
  5. The park -- Going down the slide with your kids is way easier in stretchy material.
  6. The doctor's office -- You're already sick (or your child is), so there's no need to get all formal.
  7. The hairdresser -- What if your stylist spills hair dye on your clothes? Yoga gear is much easier to wash.
  8. School pick-up -- Hey, you just worked out, right? No time to change before grabbing the kiddos.
  9. The spa -- Who wants to deal with rolling up tight jeans while getting a pedicure? No, thanks.
  10. The movies -- Um, hello? Nice clothes are a magnet for fake popcorn butter.
  11. The mall -- Trying on clothes is such a pain when you have too many buttons and zippers to undo. Yoga pants will help you save time so you can hit up more stores.
  12. Girls' night in -- You're headed to your friend's house for chick flicks and wine. Why bother getting all dolled up?
  13. The DMV -- Sitting or standing in line for hours requires pants you can easily shift positions in so your legs don't fall asleep.
  14. Road trips -- See #1.
  15. Out to breakfast -- Breakfast is casual, greasy, and you're probably going to eat a lot. It's best to be prepared.
  16. Out to lunch -- Still fairly casual, and people will assume you're headed to the gym afterwards.
  17. Out to dinner -- Well, as long as you're at a kid-friendly joint, yoga pants are perfectly acceptable. (Note: Do NOT wear them on date night, though.)
  18. Anywhere if it's laundry day -- Everything else is in the wash. That's your story and you're stickin' to it.
  19. Bowling -- Yeah, you need to be able to move if you're going to throw a strike.
  20. Bulk-shopping stores -- How on earth are you supposed to carry 200 boxes of macaroni and cheese if you don't have maximum flexibility?

Did I leave any places off this list? Where else can moms get away with yoga pants?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Yoga class or any other gym situation. That's it. If you go grocery shopping or show up at school wearing workout gear when you're not on your way to the gym then all the moms who aren't lazy bums will judge you. The only time it's acceptable to wear elastic pants when you're not working out is when you're pregnant.

cabra... cabrandy03

lol I LOVE my yoga pants, I wear them everywhere.

nonmember avatar anon

Really? Who cares if other mom's judge you, are we still in high school? Wear whatever the fuck you want to, I choose my yoga pants over my jeans any day!

nonmember avatar Thinker

You do realize that 10 years from now SNL will be making skits to make fun of yoga pants. It's the new mom jeans!

teach... teacherchick77

How about everywhere after you have a baby and are trying to lose the baby weight! I don't want to buy new clothes so yoga pants it is.

tuffy... tuffymama

I live in yoga pants AT HOME. A lot of us down here in the South don't leave the house without being dressed and putting on a face. I don't pay for a gym membership anymore and I work out at home, so I have NO excuse for leaving the house looking like I gave up on my looks and forgot my manners. A nice pair of jeans or a pretty skirt can be just as comfortable as yoga pants, and I guarantee you will feel better wearing that kind of thing than yoga pants if you run into an ex, a girlfriend, or your SO's coworker or family.

abra819 abra819

Unfortunately, I do wear my yoga pants EVERYWHERE. I really need to branch out and throw on some jeans lol The things is, they have a tight band around the stomache that holds in post baby belly. With jeans, It cuts right in the middle of my stomache which therefore give me a couple rolls. yeck!

tuffy... tuffymama

Abra! Wear a Belly Band UNDER your jeans. I did it! I know exactly the pain you're describing, and the Belly Band fixed it. Or just cut off a tee shirt bottom and double it, or remove that tall, foldover band off a pair of yoga pants and use that.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I was all about buying maternity jeans a few weeks ago...until I tried on the maternity yoga pants...sweet Jesus, where have they been the past four months??? I'm 30 weeks pregnant and the next time I plan on taking them off, will be when I deliver...and then they're going right back on while I recover...thank you, sweet black yoga pants, I love you...really really love you

Jessica Dufifie

Shish some people need to lighten up...... I wear a suit 5 days a week so this Yankee loves her yoga pants on the weekend because this New Yorker doesn't give a f*%k what others think 

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