Kristen Stewart Goes 'Twilight' Sheer Again in Sexy Black Lace Jumpsuit

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kristen stewart breaking dawn premiere black lace jumpsuitWhat's with all the crazy Twilight promotion sheer ensembles? First, Kristen Stewart wore that nude lace dress with the ass-ets-revealing skirt. Teresa Palmer joined in the revealing fun with a sheer black dress. Then Ashley Green went on Anderson Live in a black pantsuit with sheer, lacy top. And for the European premiere in London, Kristen wore a black, lacy jumpsuit that was sheer on the top and the bottom.

It's SHEER MADNESS! Ordinarily I'd be wondering what's going on with this trend, but we're talking vampires here. The sheer ensembles -- especially in black -- are the perfect goth-glam look for these premieres.

I thought the jumpsuit looked weird at first, but it's growing on me. It kind of leans into Las Vegas lounge act territory, what with the sparkles and the strategic panels. But maybe that's perfect for Breaking Dawn 2? I mean, the movie itself is heavy on glitzy artifice (without giving too much away).

I'd love to see the pantsuit on someone who actually has real, smoldering sex appeal -- that's the other thing that makes this jumpsuit on Kristen kind of awk. (I almost posted the shot of her doing a thumbs-up on the red carpet. Oh for the love of ...) She's, you know, KStew. She never looks more herself than when she's in a faded t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. She's got more of a tomboy thing going on -- which is the one thing the pantsuit has going for her as opposed to a dress. Otherwise you can totally tell that jumpsuit wishes it were on a body that knows how to wear a black lace jumpsuit.

Now with all these hot sheer outfits at the Breaking Dawn premieres, I'm kind of thinking this may be the look for the holiday season -- for the rest of us. Maybe we can't pull off Kristen's lace jumpsuit, either, but a black lace top over a black tank would probably look smashing at a holiday party. Now release your own inner vampire.

Would you dare to try a black, sheer top?


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tuffy... tuffymama

Femme fatale doesn't work with bitchface. That outfit would be better suited to a pretty, confident girl. And a good actress. I applaud her for trying, though.

April Marchant

where is your pic tuffymama , i guess the bird is the best you could do huh? Let see, she is pretty and well the star of the twilight saga, so where are you going with your "little comment" HATER? you know i am a woman and i am not jealous of a pretty, talented woman who has the world by the ass and a stud at her side. So my suggestion is to take another look at her and rethink your comment was it made  from fact or suggested because of the green eyed monster? Love the outfit Kstew love your twilight movies, and i can't wait to see BD2.


Lulu2216 Lulu2216

I think she looks amazing!

Lisa Garner

I personally think Kristin Stewart is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, and for the "tuffymamma" person who put her down, yeah. I wholly agree with everyone who told you to stick it. The look is great for girls who are skinny with small breasts. I wish I could pull it off but I'm huge so...sounds like "tuffymamma" is jealous! lol! she looks AWESOME!

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Don't like the outfit at all, but her hair and makeup look great.

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